It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition. At the same time, a well-fed baby makes setting a longer sleep routine easy. This means less hungry and cranky wake-up sessions.

Many babies tend to fall asleep when feeding before filling their stomachs. Once disrupted the routine becomes messy and a major headache for mom and child. How do you keep the master dreamers awake when what lulls them to sleep is the breast?

Why it is important to keep the baby awake for a full feed?

Breast milk has two component: fore milk and hind milk. These are not different kind of milk produced by the body. But instead they are the same but with the difference in fat contents. The milk that comes first is the fore milk. The hind milk is richer in fats when compared to fore milk. A full feed means emptying the breast. This implies that the baby get the desired fat required. Also, the fat will keep the baby’s tummy full for a longer duration.

A well-fed baby will not only sleep for longer duration but also be less cranky. This will help in setting a sleep routine for the baby which includes longer uninterrupted night sleeps.

Here are few tips which will help you keep those tiny little eyes if not open but awake till they fill their tummies.

Switch Breasts

Switch breasts  the moment you sense the baby is dozing off to sleep. The movement distracts them from sleeping


Burp the baby in the middle of feeding. This keeps away sleep.


Tickle the baby’s feet, thighs, tummy and cheeks by running your fingers gently. They enjoy the touch and also stay awake.


Stroke the baby’s head gently. This is one of the reflexes babies have. Stroking their head makes them suckle.

Change Position

Try to change the position you are in after sometime. This will wake the baby up and will give you some relief from sitting in the same position for long.

Finally, if none of the above mentioned techniques work, try to wake your baby every half an hour for a feed initially. Also put the baby to sleep on the bed instead of your lap. This will wake the baby up. Later, once the baby starts taking little longer feeds you can try the above mentioned tips.


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