Come August, kutti (little) girls and boys of kindergarten are off to school in colorful lehengas and kurtas . Mommies are having a tough time, making note of sweets to be sent to school,asking other moms on facebook forums for Krishna costumes , dressing  the tiny tots in ethnic wear and marking some days as holidays on their calendar and feeling jealous too because working moms don’t get a holiday for every festival in most firms.

So while we are going to be binge eating on modaks and kozakattais  ,vadas and kheers ( Tamil word for modak), why not cuddle and read books on Indian Mythology to the little ones.

Well, most  grand parents do narrate mythological stories to kids as bed time stories. So why do we need picture books you will askk?

You need to see it to believe it. These new picture books in the market are colorful, have fabulous illustrations and some of them such as the Amma Tell me About series have gone as far as depicting the entire Ramayana and the story of Prahlad as a verse , captivating young readers.

The Amma Tell me About series is a set of 5-7 books that depict the birth of Krishna, the Ramayana, the Diwali story as a rhyme.

Our favourite is Amma, Tell Me About Holi, where the author has emphasized that you throw color on a girl only after seeking permission. A good message in today’s times! The illustrations are captivating and colorful.

Its All The Same from Tulika  has two stories on Ganesha, one which is very popular .  Ganesha and his brother Karthikeya are depicted as ordinary kids, having fun . This book explores all facets of childhood – such as sibling rivalry. This book represents Shiva and Parvati as ordinary parents, struggling to cope up with noise of their kids in their abode Kailash.

Hanuman’s Ramayan is another favourite of mine. It teaches a lesson or two on being humble.

Where’s Hanuman is another favourite that can captivate  audience aged 7 to 70 years. There is lots happening in this colorful book. Not only does it depict scenes from the Ramayana, you  can spend hours spotting Hanuman, his friends in this tightly packed book.

So if you are calorie conscious , you might want to devour these picture books for a change!


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