I find that to drive home a point with my daughter, the easiest thing to do is buy a book related to the point I am trying to make to her.

For example, my daughter won’t clean up her toys!.

My friend suggested the clean up song.But that did not help, she will sing along and then say ‘Amma do it!’. A game of lets-see-who-puts-more-toys-in-the-bin, won’t do it, she will just look at me as if competition is just crazy, I am sitting this one out.

So I tried Clean-Up Time (Baby Max and Ruby) by Rosemary Wells, from the library one day and it worked like a charm. Clean up time is a lot easier though not perfect as with all things toddler. But I will take some cleanup most of the times to none at all.

Even since then when I need to drive home a point or she learnt something new, I try to pick up a book on that subject.

So beginning potty training was no different.Here is a book for potty training.



A Potty for Me! – By Karen Katz
is just perfect.We already had one of her books, Where is Baby’s Belly Button? on the iPad, so the baby was kind of familiar too.

The book is a lift-the-flap book and long enough to last for a little bit of reading time on the potty. It traces the toddler’s journey through potty training. Accidents happen, there is a lot of waiting and we have to try again and again, and finally success.

Uh-oh, I peed in my pants.

But Mommy says, “That’s okay!”

Though we are nowhere near success, this books helps my daughter feel okay about accidents and assures her that she will be successful just like the baby in the book.

Next on our reading list, whenever my daughter is ready : My Big Girl Undies – By Karen Katz


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