Knowledge of tradition and customs being passed on to the progeny is a mandate! But in Indian Hindu families this knowledge transition hits a snag because unlike many religions, the pantheon of the Hindu deities, undoubtedly, is huge. Parents definitely have a hard time explaining the roles of these uniquely varied forms of Hindu Gods.(At least in my case, I should admit). Thankfully, I had the sheer luck of finding a cute little book that could handle such a complex subject with utmost ease. So I would love for you to benefit from my finding!

Here you go my friends!

Meet My Hindu Gods

Meet My Hindu Gods” is a hard cover board book describing 12 Indian Hindu gods, written by Reena Puri and Mital Telhan and published by Desi Babies.
What could be more cuter than Gods dressed in baby costumes and playing with cute little toys? A sweet supplement, they talk and describe themselves too. The roles of each God is explained very simply and can be easily related to. The readers see the characters in the book more as friends rather than Gods.
Meet My Hindu Gods
Basic words, relative scenarios and cute illustrations are a huge plus in making a quick connect!
A board book suited for kids up to age 8.

My First Indian Coloring Book

And to kids who are imbued by the love for their newly found “God friends”, here is a great way to  celebrate them. Just decorate them in dazzling hues. Forty pages of divinity awaits. “My First Indian Coloring Book” lets you color anything from diyas to Durga, shrines to Siva, Aum, flower patterns, peacocks, animals, musical instruments and many more!!
coloring book
Recommended for kids of all ages.
What are you waiting for! Just grab the duo!

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My First Indian Coloring Book by Desi Babies

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