I Want That One written by Mala Kumar and illustrated by Soumya Menon, published by Pratham Books, is an adorable book of a little boy Anil who keeps wanting stuff but everyone keeps saying no to him.

Anil has a holiday and he wants to do ‘something’. (This resonated so well in our house where the six year old wants to do something all the time!) So he tries to climb up and get the bottom most box down from the attic. Before he can do it, his mom stops him from doing so. Anil is angry. Then his mom takes him to the market. Anil keeps pointing out stuff from the bottom of the pile saying ‘ I want that one’. The shopkeepers keep refusing him, making him very angry. How does Anil realise his demands are unreasonable? What makes him learn that one caN’t have stuff from the bottom of the pile and what makes him smile again?

I want That One, Pratham Books

Mala Kumar weaves her magic with a simple but very effective story. Easy to read words and a sense of pattern in the reaction of the shopkeepers to Anil make the book a lovely read aloud book. I loved the ending of the book and this is a wonderful way to make young kids realise that things may not really happen the way they expect!

Soumya Menon does a superb job with the illustrations which are colourful and vibrant. Check out how she shows Anil’s expression getting angrier by the page. He looks adorably cute in the end.

Fun read for kids!

I want That One, Pratham Books



Pratham books classifies this book as Reading Level :1 
Level 1: Beginning to Read / Read Aloud For very young children who are eager to begin reading and listening to stories

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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