Sringeri Srinivas is back and are we happy 🙂 We have been big fans of Sringeri Srinivas. And when Pratham Books announced that they had put up a free downloadable version on the net, we grabbed the opportunity to read it.

Photo Credit : Pratham Books

Photo Credit : Pratham Books

Too Much Noise written by Noni and illustrated by Angie and Upesh, the book is as delightful as the previous one. This one is longer than the previous one, but the story line is simple and deals with the usual everyday life of a person as the last one did.

This time Sringeri Srinivas takes his cows to the cattle fair, but the noise on the road with the honking of the cars and trucks irritates him. Then every noise starts to irritate him. The sound of the cows, the roosters, the cicadas, the children, the cooker. Everything. And finally Sringeri Srinivas finds a solution to his problem. What is it? Read the book to know more 🙂

What we loved about the book?

1. It’s free

2. The simple story line

3. The absolutely adorable illustrations

4. Simple solutions to everyday problems

5. The usage of simple language

6. The availability of the book in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamizh and Telugu!

7. The lesson to kids that often, what seems to be a complex problem, has the simplest of solutions. Don’t look too far for a solution, it’s just somewhere near you

8. The subtle indication to noise pollution especially traffic related. It’s not really on-the-face, but there is a message hidden in the book, which the kids will definitely assimilate the message.

And of course, the adorable character of Sringeri Srinivas.

Go on and download the book here.

Thanks Pratham Books, for making this book downloadable. The R family loves this one!  So looking forward for the next version 🙂

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