Here is a book which teaches kids about gender stereotypes. In today’s world where girls should be pink and boys should be in blue, where people tell me that good that R is a girl so she will be gentler, comes a book which talks about a boy Gagan, who is not what a typical boy is expected to be. Gentle, friendly and loving, Gagan is nice to everyone and doesn’t indulge in any bullying or hurtful activities. He is laughed upon by his older brother and his friends and even his grandfather calls him a ‘chooha’ (mouse). The only person who understands him is his mother, who keeps motivating him and telling him that he is a wonderful person. Finally, Gagan proves that one doesn’t need to be macho to prove his boyhood.

Written by Richa Jha and illustrated very aptly by Gautam Benegal, the book is a visual treat. Simple colours yet captivating illustrations.

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While the book’s concept is really wonderful and the illustrations are just apt, there is something missing in this book. One of the issues was that the book seems too long to hold the attention span of a kiddo. The other issue is perhaps, too many examples given to prove Gagan’s gentleness. The editor could have cut short a couple of pages.

When I read the book to R, she enjoyed it though she found the ending a bit scary 🙂 She giggled out with laughter when we read the last page 🙂

I would recommend the book solely for the reason that here is a book that breaks gender stereotypes.

Recommended for Age 4+


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