The title of the book ‘The Susu Pals’ is hilarious. Honestly, I personally never had a friend with whom I used to do Su-su with.  So I wasn’t sure what to make of this book.

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Written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Alicia Souza, the book is a story of two girls – Rhea and Dia who are best pals. They do everything together, including wearing matching chaddis and using the loo together. They play together, study in the same class and have the same friend teddy bear, Prince. Then comes a new girl in their class, Isha who is so much more sophisticated and befriends Dia. And then what happens next is what the story is all about.  Also towards the end of the story enters a new character, Shiva. Who is an interesting addition to the story.

Simple storyline and absolutely stunning illustrations make the book endearing. I did feel the book could have been shorter. A child may not have the attention span to read through the entire book of 30 pages. Even if the illustrations are eye catching,  some pages could have been omitted which make the book tad bit long. But overall the book is pretty funny.

R went on giggling whenever I said the word ‘Susu’. She did find some of the words difficult to understand (more to do with her lack of vocabulary I feel), but on the whole, she did enjoy reading through the book.

Recommended for Age 4+


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