The Story of Krishna written by Malay Dayal and illustrated by Jagdish Joshi published by Rupa Publications Red Turtle is a wonderful book to introduce your children to mythology.

The book gives a background on the birth of Krishna, and the various ways Kamsa, his maternal uncle, tries to kill him. In fact there were three or four stories that even I wasn’t aware of. Krishna’s teenage as well as his interactions with the Pandavas and Kauravas is included in the book. Finally the curse of Gandhari and how Krishna dies is described in the book.

The Story of Krishna
Simple language and short sentences make the book an easy read. The author does justice to the multiple interlinked stories of Krishna. A lot of these stories are what we have heard from our mothers and grandmothers. But when its put in a lucid form in a book, it just makes the stories more appealing. There are certain points in the book where you feel Krishna was such prankster. Krishna’s strength, his love for his friends, his fun loving ways as well as his spiritual side are well captured in the book.

The Story of Krishna

The illustrations are colourful and eye catching. Each page is a visual treat and to increase the children’s observation power, the illustrator has added small activity based illustrations like spot Krishna in the crowd or where is the monkey.

The Story of Krishna

The six year old in the house is at a stage where she is fascinated by mythological characters. She loved the activity of spotting  the various objects and people in the book. Her reaction to the book ‘Amma it was fun to read and Krishna was a great fighter!’

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