Priya Narayanan narrates a wonderful story with vivid imagination about the moon wanting to be pristine white.
The book is about the moon (obviously)who wants to be scrubbed spotless clean. A little girl, Mitra (Mitu, cute name 🙂 ) tries to help it out and gets in touch with Dhobi Kaka (Translated into English as Washerman uncle) to help the moon get spotless white.
The story talks about the vain moon who is shown his reality of having scars by the bunch of rude stars. The moon manipulates Mitu into helping him become spotlessly clean. Mitu seeks the help of Dhobi kaka who decides to help in the mission. How do they get the moon to Dhobi Kaka’s place? Will Dhobi kaka actually manage to get the moon clean? How does he do it? What happens after that? Is the moon happy after all? Read the story to figure out all that.
R, my daughter, and I read this book in parts, since it’s not exactly a picture book. The illustrations by Suhita Mitra are very eye catching and just appropriately placed at the right places. R was fascinated by the fact that a little girl could speak to the moon, and that the moon was actually thinking of being scrubbed clean.
But Amma, the brat said, Moon is nice looking na?
Well, that’s what Mitu said as well 🙂

What we liked about the book

1) The story line which gives important lessons in life without being too preachy
2) The appropriate illustrations
3) The minimal characters so that the story isn’t too complicated
4) The description of the situations (Though personally, I thought that could be edited a bit, R seemed to sit through the reading with interest)
5) The meaning of the Indian words in the glossary to appeal to an international audience
6) The absolutely awesome ending, both R and I loved it 🙂
The book, perhaps, even passes a subtle message to children about how looks aren’t everything in life, and there are much more important things in life than looking good. It worked well with R because of everything, she is going through due to her dark skin.
Some stuff like, how Amma lets Mitu go alone with Dhobi Kaka (Guess, I have become a little too extra cautious in life!) or how Mitu fakes a stomach ache to stay at home, is something that bothered me about the book, but hey, it’s a part of the story, and weaves in pretty well.
Priya agreed to do a special book giveaway of her book to our readers.
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