Bond Girl Sophie Marceau said, “I think it’s almost easier to make people cry than to make people laugh.” And by that standard, Amishi Seth has done a superb job in The Goofies Tear Down Their House.

With scared aliens running around in orchards, perceived monsters walking around backyards, grandstanding tycoons offering rewards to thieves, weirdly talented thieves scared of a radio sermon, slimy shopkeepers working really hard to sell their furniture to customers who have no interest in it and an ever-in-a-hurry family that has no patience whatsoever; not to forget the oh-so-slow working handyman, and the kids are going to have their hands full as they speed through one adventure to another in this laugh-out-loud, absolutely unbelievably hilarious story of the Goofies!

The Goofies

What’s the story?

Amishi Seth’s The Goofies Tear Down Their House is a comedy of errors that is made up of several hodgepodge characters and their stories intertwined to make one superbly crafted laugh-riot for the young and the old alike.

At the core, it is the story of the Goofie family. This is a very unique family, consisting of the father, the mother and little Freddy Goofie; who are all extremely impatient people! They have no time or patience to wait for anything or anyone. They are forever in a hurry and in their haste, they end up inadvertently creating problems for themselves and also for others.

The Goofies live in quaint little Petersville where they have their beautiful house and their fruit orchards. One day, when their roof begins to leak, instead of waiting for a handyman to come and fix it, the impatient Goofies take it up on themselves to do it up! What begins as a simple roof repair ends up in a complete disaster in just a few hours with all of their stuff finding place in their yard which now looks like a place in hell with couches and tables and wardrobes scattered on it!

To add to the fun and confusion, a bunch of quirky thieves with extraordinary looks and weird habits end up in the Goofies’ yard unknown to them. As do furniture shop owners, the police, and even an alien! Do the Goofies ever get their house back in shape? Do the thieves get caught? What happens to the alien? Well, read the book to know the superb climax!

What’s best?

Humour works wonders for the soul and in this hilarious read, there is comedy everywhere! Be it the harried Goofies or the slowcoach handyman or the slimy shopkeepers or the funny thieves with googly eyes or even the poor alien, they all come together in circumstances that culminate to make this sitcom a rare treat to humour lovers!

What also works is the relatability of the story and the characters. You have met these people in your life, you have seen these people around you and the situations they face, you have been there and done that too! Well most of it, if not all, because some situations the author depicts here are just too fantastic! But what is commendable is the genuineness with which these situations are tied together and the author’s resourcefulness in making them come to a brilliant climax!

Why you should totally read it!

It is not often that you come across a book that makes you laugh from the very first scene. Yes, many children’s books have humourous stories and they do make children laugh, but there are very few books that explore situational comedy.

In fact, the art of writing a comedy of errors and having young children appreciate it is something that is becoming increasingly rare today. What Roald Dahl did for children and what PG Wodehouse did for adults, is a lost art that Amishi Seth touches upon in this delightful read.

My biggest takeaway

And finally, the one reason (other than everything I have said above) I would recommend this book to all children nine years and above, is that this book, while it makes you laugh all the way, teaches a beautiful lesson in the end! It shows what honesty is like. It shows us the beauty of doing good deeds with no expectations of a reward. And the best pat? While the story has you in splits all the while when you read, it touches your heart in the end and leaves you with a satisfied smile of a beautiful story having ended well.

A definite recommendation for children and adults alike!

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