Swimming Through Clouds is the story of a teenage girl ‘Talia’ as she enters a new school. The story starts with her getting sticky notes from ‘L’ who keeps asking her for lunch, which she finally accepts. L is actually Lagan, who is a boy of Indian descent who manages to make her come out of her cocoon. Talia has a lot of secrets. A mother who has died, a brother who is paralyzed and a father who seems to believe in lists and expects his children to follow them to the T or else face extreme punishment. While Talia faces her demons with bravery, she finds a great emotional anchor in Lagan who slowly tries to break into the clouds of despair which surround Talia.
The characters of the story are well etched and the story is told in Talia’s voice. The story keeps moving backward and forward, in past and present, and this passage of time is pretty seamless. Scenes are described with such reality that I could almost be there feeling what the characters felt.
But, honestly, I did the find the story dark. It’s unbelievable that a father could do such horrendous things to his own children.And when I finished the book, I felt as if I had missed something. There was a general feeling of dissatisfaction I had when I ended the story. As if, there were many things unsaid. I wanted to know what happens to Talia’s father, her grandparents, may be a little more history about her mother. While the book does move forward, there were times I did feel the detailing could have been avoided.
Actually, I am a bit surprised that it falls in the young adult category. Do teenagers read such stuff? I dont know, I must admit I had difficult falling asleep for two nights when I was reading the book.
Read this book if you like detailed scenes and realistic descriptions.
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