We got this book for R from Kala Ghoda Festival from the Pratham Books stall.

Written by Prabha Ram and Meera Sriram and illustrated wonderfully by Madhuvanti Anantharajan, the story is about a traffic signal named Subbu, who is very proud of his job, but eventually gets bored of standing at one place. He starts moving from one place to another but meets up with so many other things who talk to him and finally what does he do and where does he end up is what the story is all about.

Photo Credit : http://store.prathambooks.org/p_9789350220108

Photo Credit : http://store.prathambooks.org/p_9789350220108


What we liked about the book

1. The super concept of a moving traffic signal. R had a lot of questions on how traffic signals can move and what would have happened if the traffic signal moved from its location, ‘Wouldn’t there be traffic jams, Amma?’ she asked

2. The illustrations. They are apt, just perfect for the text and very eye catching

3. The simple language and the way the story moves forward.

4. The cover page of the book. It’s very attractive

5. The ending of the book which brings a smile on your face

Recommended for 4 years +

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  1. Bingo's Mom

    I got this book for Bingo (though she is only 2 1/2). She loves this book and whenever we go out she points out to signal and says ‘Subbu snigal’ (snigal is her way of saying signal) 🙂
    +1 for this book

    1. Pratham Books

      @bingosmom:disqus – Thank you for sharing this sweet anecdote. Always lovely to hear when kiddos remember characters from our books. Does Bingo know of Sringeri Srinivas? One mum told us that her kiddo spotted a man with long hair and insisted it was Sringeri ;p.
      Subbu Snigal….how cute!

    1. R's Mom

      Rituchakra..though like an idiot I just picked up one of it instead of the whole set 🙁 I will get the others and definitely review those as well!