Run, It’s Butterfingers Again! is the fifth book in the Butterfingers series written by A. Khyrunnisa. The antics of our little hero Amar Kishen, an eighth grader who is popularly known by the name Butterfingers forms the crux of the book.

The author created the popular comic character, Butterfingers, for the children’s magazine Tinkle. All her previous collections and including this one contains stories that have appeared in Tinkle in comic-strip form.

What do I say about this book?

It is a complete stress buster and a total entertainer. I haven’t read the first four books (will be grabbing them soon). But still, I was able to get hooked on the book and connect to all the characters. You can read any chapter at any time, and that’s what I have been doing. Butterfinger and co will make you forget all your worries, and they sure take you back to your school life. Every chapter reminded me of my school life, and I can see how much fun my son is missing.


Connecting to my childhood

For instance, the section ‘the lost fountain pen’ made me all nostalgic and bought the good old memories of ink pen and the art game that we used to play with the ink pen. We used to drizzle ink from the pen on paper and fold it over and open it up to see the patterns. Ahhh fun times!

And then the chapter ‘fencing match’ reminded me of our pencil fights that we used to have and oh yeah how can I miss the episode ‘calculator woes.’ I bet each, and everyone would have dreamt of owning a scientific calculator at that grade even though it’s not necessary. I guess I can write a review for every chapter. So let me stop here.

I love the author’s unique style of writing. Irrespective of the age, you will fall in love with this book for sure. A fabulous read for everyone.

As this book reminded me of all the childhood memories, we would like to hear from you as well. Please do share your unforgettable school life moment.

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