The Red Raincoat published by Pratham Books, written by Kiran Kasturia and illustrated by Zainab Tambawalla is a simple, sweet and heart warming story about Manu who has a new red raincoat.

Manu wants to wear the raincoat everyday but the rains just don’t seem to come. Everyday he checks the skies and asks his mom if he can wear the rain coat and everyday mom tells him rains are yet to come. Until finally towards the end of the week, there are signs of the rains coming. Do the rains come? Can Manu wear his raincoat? What does he do? The book has a slight twist in the tale that made us smile. The 6 year old in house and I read it aloud and giggled through the book as Manu keeps waiting for the rains. ‘Poor Manu’ sighed the brat at least three times through the book 🙂

The Red Raincoat, Pratham Books, Indian Children's Picture books
Short sentences, simple words and lucid language make the book an easy read for children. It’s a wonderful way to teach children the days of the week as everyday Manu keeps asking his mom about the rains. It also teaches children in a subtle way how to know when it’s going to start raining like when dark clouds gather.

The illustrations enhance the reading experience and the colors make the book come alive. Manu’s disappointment at not seeing the clouds, his anticipation waiting for the rains and his joy are all captured beautifully.

The Red Raincoat, Pratham Books, indian Children's picture books

Recommended for early readers.

Pratham Books recommends this book for Reading Level :1
Level 1: Beginning to Read / Read Aloud For very young children who are eager to begin reading and listening to stories

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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