Looking for ways to engage your little ones on a rainy afternoon or a hot summer afternoon or a super-cold winter day? Then check these excellent Puzzlemania Puzzle activity books published by Puffin India.

Puzzlemania Books

This Puzzlemania series is perfect for children in the age group 3-6. The books are available in four fun volumes and are designed to be used in the early childhood classrooms as well as at home.


These four puzzle books are broadly segregated into four main categories as,

  • Matching
  • Poem Puzzles
  • Look and Look Again and
  • Thinking.


Early-Literacy Foundations

Puzzlemania books inevitably make learning fun. A few activities in the books include –

  • finding matching pairs,
  • spotting the differences between two similar scenes,
  • finding the way through the fascinating mazes,
  • poetic riddles
  • hunting shapes and
  • counting

These activities lay early-literacy foundation strongly in young minds. It introduces them to math skills, spatial skills, reasoning, logical thinking and of course, phonological skills.

The bright and colorful illustrations help the children to stay engaged. They are also simplistic and age appropriate. These activities assist them in improving concentration, memory and cognitive skills.

Even though the book is meant for 3-6-year-olds, my eight year son enjoyed it very much. And I had a fun time solving these puzzles with him. An excellent way to spend time with your little ones. His personal favorites were finding the differences between two scenes and the poetic riddles.


I would recommend this Puzzlemania to all parents and grandparents. It’s a collection to have in your bookshelf. Collect all the four books and have fun learning and solving!

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