No Smiles Today written by Cheryl Rao and illustrated by Saurabh Pandey, published by Pratham Books, tells the story of  Shanti, the ever cheerful little girl who suddenly stops smiling one day.

Shanti and Arun are the best of friends and go to school together. Shanti is always laughing and smiling. But one morning, she is very quiet. She doesn’t smile or open her mouth. All her friends keep asking her what the matter is. Her teacher wonders if she is unwell. But Shanti doesn’t open her mouth. Why is that? What is troubling her? Can Arun make her open her mouth and smile again?

No Smiles Today, Pratham Books

Cheryl Rao manages to make us smile at the end of the story. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when I read the title of the story, but reading the book made me laugh. The six year old in the house laughed loudly when she read the ending. Simple words which are easy to read let the child read on her own.

The illustrations are simple yet very effective. I loved the small changes in Shanti’s facial expressions as the book progresses. The illustrations capture the mood of the book brilliantly.

No Smiles Today, Pratham Books


Pratham classifies this book as Reading Level :2 
Level 2: Learning to Read For children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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