Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. But there are helping guides. Keep Calm and Mommy On by Tanu Shree Singh published by Duckbill Books is the perfect guide for moms (and dads) to help them with parenting challenges.

About Keep Calm and Mommy On

Keep Calm and Mommy On deals on topics all parents worry about. Topics including sibling rivalry, teenage romance, religion, diversity, gender roles, death, body shaming and more. While, the market is flooded with books on parenting newborns, it is highly essential that parents have some guidance on how to deal with issues plaguing pre-teens and teens.

The author, doesn’t shy away from topics and starts the book with confessions of a not-so-super mom which resonated with me perfectly. There are days when I wonder if the “supermom” title was actually directed at me.

Keep Calm and Mommy On

Between the pages

The book as I mentioned earlier deals with topics that stump parents. Indo-Pak tensions, adoptions, death – ugly topics that many of us often don’t want our children to know about. But our children unfortunately live in reality and need to know how to handle when they hear and see unpleasantness around them.

The author stresses the need for parents to be active participants in their children’s lives. Leading by example and the need to break-free from preconceived notions are also discussed. I love how the author recommends books that help parents discuss uncomfortable subjects.

The book also focusses on ways to bring up happy, resilient children who are active participants in the society and family.

I am so glad that the author took the effort to include a couple of chapters on books and readers. The chapter on picture books is my favorite. I still borrow them from the library and enjoy them immensely.

Why I liked the book?

It deals with a wide range of topics targeted at kids of all ages. The author has kept the language simple and worked on personal examples to make the book more effective. I also like the fact that the author had not shied away from topics and inserted humor to her writings.

Recommended read for all moms and dads worrying about the parenting game.

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