DreamyMommy had sent across this book for my brat on her birthday. The colour of the book (bright red) was so eye-catching that R asked me to read it first to her. Plus the fact that the brat is very fascinated by Hanuman made it very appealing for her.

Retold by Devdutt Pattanaik and superbly illustrated by Nancy Raj, the book is a part of Ā ‘Our Myths’ series by Tulika books. The story is about how Valimiki, who completes the grand epic ‘Ramayan’ realises that he has competition when Sage Narad tells him about a better Ramayan already existing written by Hanuman. Valimiki is devastated, but goes in search for Hanuman to read his version. The book tells us that there are more than one version to the great epic and each version has its one fascinating and interesting storyline. More importantly, the book reveals to us what happens in the end when Valmiki meets Hanuman.

What we loved about the bookHanuman's Ramayan at IMC Marketplace

1. The sense of humor instilled in the entire story line. It doesn’t go overboard, but made R giggle a lot of times

2. The illustrations. Absolutely apt and totally eye-catching. We loved the riot of colours and the expressions on Valmiki’s face, They go just perfectly with the storyline šŸ™‚

3. The simple language in which the entire story has been told. A new reader can quickly understand and grasp the story

4. The ending. It shows us what a wonderful character Hanuman was and my brat told me ‘He is really great na Amma!’

Overall, if you want to introduce your children to the grand epic, this may be a good way to make them curious about the storyline.

Overall, if you want to introduce your children to the grand epic of our indian mythology, this may be a good way to make them curious about the storyline. R made me tell her the story of Ramayan in gist after reading this book. She wanted to know what Valmiki had written šŸ™‚

Recommended for kids above 6 years.



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