My Best Friend written by Anupa Lal and illustrated by Suvidha Mistry, published by Pratham Books is a bilingual book about a little girl who has a very special friend.

The little girl has a special friend in her house who does exactly what she does. When she laughs, her friend laughs. When she cries, her friend cries. But her friend never talks to her. This makes the little girl angry. So what does her friend do? How does she make the little girl happy again? What makes the little girl stop being angry with her friend?

My Best Friend, Pratham Books

Anupa Lal writes an adorable story that makes us smile. The Hindi words are simple and the six year old in the house was able to read it with a bit of prompting from my end. The advantage of a bilingual book, at least in our house, is that the brat sees the English words thinks of its Hindi equivalent and then pronounces the Hindi word in case it’s difficult to read.

The illustrations are elegant and compliment the words. I loved the cover page and the naughty expression of the little girl’s friend on the last page.

My Best Friend, Pratham Books

Pratham Books classifies this book as Reading Level 1: 
Level 1: Beginning to Read / Read Aloud For very young children who are eager to begin reading and listening to stories

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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