The Auto That Flew written by Ken Spillman and illustrated by Ajanta Guhathakurta, published by Pratham Books is a delightful and yet profoundly philosophical picture story book about Arjun the Auto who rides in the streets of Delhi.

Arjun loves riding in Delhi with his thousands of relatives. His driver Shirish-ji is an old man who takes very good care of Arjun. Arjun is very content with life and he knows he has everything…but he secretly wishes for more. He wishes to fly like a helicopter.  One day an old lady sits in him and as he stops at a signal a little boy comes selling magic water. While the lady and Shirish-ji drink a bit of water laughing about the magical part of it, a bit falls on Arjun too. And Arjun feels himself being lifted up in the air. Slowly all three of them are flying. Is Arjun happy to fly? How does he feel? What are his reactions? And finally what happens?

The Auto That Flew,Pratham Books

Ken Spillman has added a slight philosophical twist to the story although the writing is simple and fun to read. Delhi’s landmarks are pointed out while the calmness even in the chaotic traffic has been described so well. What we really wish in our minds may not be our truest wishes and often superficial wishes supersede what we think make us happy 🙂

The Auto That Flew,Pratham Books

I love Ajanta Guhathakurta’s illustrations and she does a wonderful job with this book. The quirky expressions of Arjun, the landmarks of Delhi, the zig zagging roads from the air, the expressions of the birds when they see a flying auto everything is captured so well.

Read this book for its simplicity, for its realistic view about life and its fun elements.

Pratham Books Classifies this book as Reading Level :3 
Level 3: Reading Independently For children who are ready to read on their own

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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