There’s something magical about an Indian beach. Our Chennai trip is incomplete without a beach visit. We all know that Marina beach is one of the prominent places in Chennai. Marina beach the longest natural urban beach in the country and one of the world’s longest beach ranking with 1.[1] But there is one more beach in Chennai that is equally popular like Marina. And that is the Elliots beach or as we say in Chennai the Besant Nagar Beach!

These warm beaches in Chennai attract many visitors, and there are many activities around the beach always. Wondering why am I talking about the beaches suddenly? Because that’s what the, “An Indian Beach: By Day and Night” by Joëlle Jolivet published by Tara Books is all about. To be precise, it is more about the Elliots beach in Chennai.

An Indian Beach: By Day and Night

The French artist Joëlle Jolivet shares what happens in the Elliots beach from dawn to dusk. It’s as simple as that, but the way she did is marvelous. As the day dawns, we see people jogging, fisherman going out for fishing followed by bringing the fish back, women selling them, daily commuters, etc. And the scene changes towards the evening where people come to chit-chat, relax, enjoy the street food and kids playing.

Now you see why this book is a visual treat?

Never Ending Book with Linocut Printing


  • The beach scenes are printed on a long continuous paper that is folded and kept inside a slip-case.
  • You can view the book in a folded form or opened right out to form a complete circle or form any favorite shapes.
  • When I further researched about the book, I learned that the art in this book was created using a printmaking a technique called Linocut Printing.  The image is carved on a linoleum surface that later gets inked and transferred onto paper or fabric. [2]
  • The kid can move around the book and explore the beach activities, and they can color the book even. Don’t forget to download the activities suggested by Tara Books here. It also includes all the types fish names from the book.
  • The illustrations in this book are printed only in black and white with a blue sea backdrop. This book is undoubtedly a visual treat, and the kids can enjoy in multiple ways.


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