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The Accidental Wife is a beautiful love story set across India and America. Naina and Rihaan are two perfect strangers. Rihaan is a good looking neurosurgeon from the US who is happy with his “single” status  and will not hear of getting married and settling down. But, his overbearing mom wants a wife for him  and repeatedly conveys this to Rihaan.

I  am Indian and therefore understood  Rihaan’s situation very well.Thankfully, the experience has not been personal but I have seen this happen to cousins and friends – the pressure to get married and to a woman the boy’s mother chooses!

Not being able to reason with his overbearing mother Rihaan travels to India to marry a girl who will not change anything about him or his lifestyle. Then there is Naina, a feisty, stunning girl who is studying, teaching kids and pursuing her passion for photojournalism. She is independent, single and wants to remain that way.

Life has other plans. Naina and Rihaan find themselves married. They of course don’t want to be. But they continue with the ‘newly married’ title for society and the family’s sake.  They begin leading their married but separate lives in America. How does that work?

Cupid plays a role but so does tragedy. What happens to Naina and Rihaan?

I was HOOKED and couldn’t rest till I finished the book!!! What starts off as chick lit or romance ends up being a serious novel.I love “love stories”. ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks is one my favourites in that genre and now I’m including ‘The Accidental Wife’ by Simi Rao to my list.

Rao has etched all the characters beautifully and they seemed so REAL.  There are no loose ends. I kept thinking of the book being made into a movie in Hollywood or Bollywood. I choose Ryan Gosling and Ranbir Kapoor to play Rihaan but I am still wondering about an actor to play Naina.

Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a good love story.

– Aarti

Featured image credit: Simi Rao

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