This summer my daughter’s agenda, set by yours truly, is to get bored. My agenda is to not interfere in that process by coming up with projects and other ideas as far as possible. There are times when I have to break this rule, but we are trying.  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has been on my to-buy list for a while, so this summer I decided would be the right time to get it.

I won’t be breaking the coming-up-with-projects rule but at the same time steering her thought process somewhat 🙂 A loop hole so to speak.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

good night stories for rebel girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has stories about strong women achievers from Simone Biles to Jhansi ki Rani and Jane Goodall to Hatshepsut and everyone in between. My daughter would turn the pages and decide which one I should read to her. We spent a good hour reading this way when it arrived.

Each woman’s story is written in a single page. It is written in a way that my 6 year old could understand and relate. At the same time, it was empowering for me to see all these women achievers in a single book. The story is accompanied by original art work for each and each portrait  is unique and beautiful! 

The best moment this book generated was during bedtime when my daughter gets super chatty. She asked me if they will publish any more such books. I said perhaps, they are already working on the next edition. She said ok thats good, so I can be a part of the book too! That just blew me over. I said of course little one, you will be! 

For that one moment, this book was well worth it! 



I have never been able to let my daughter watch Bollywood movies. Mainly, because of all the things like objectification of women and general political incorrectness that I am not sure I can overlook. 

But still Bollywood was such a large part of my life, though I am sure I had skewed ideas of what women should and should not do because of it, the heart wants what the heart wants. And I wanted my daughter to experience Bollywood, but in a good way.

Dangal was perfect for this introduction. There was “no-blood fighting” as my daughter says. And the story is about real-life wresting champions Geeta and Babita who win gold for India. 

The movie watching experience had me translating the story to my daughter as we went along as she does not know Hindi. I am hoping as we watch more movies, she will slowly pick up at least a passive understanding of the language. The advantage of this right now is I can skip any parts I don’t want her exposed to – there weren’t many in this movie though. 

The movie was very nicely done without any over the top depictions. It also moves at a good pace to hold attention and was a great fit for my 6 year old, who has never watched Hindi movies.

A great watch if you are hoping to raise a strong, independent, smart woman.

Like S said – why do people say girls can’t do what boys can? girls are just girls and boys are just …boys! 

Amen to that sweetheart! 

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