Here is a nice little activity to for your kids to dress,re-dress and re-dress a little pal to their heart’s content. Let your kids go wild mixing and matching clothes as they like! This felt dress up activity works great with this month’s book recommendation from IMC and EasyLib, What Shall I Wear Today? by Natasha Sharma illustrated by Tanvi Choudhary.

All you need is felt and scissors. Buttons, ribbons and imagination are welcome too!

Here is a template for your convenience, use them to cut felt. I cut the human figure on a adhesive backed felt and the rest on regular felt cloth. Remember, felt sticks to felt! So, your kid can dress and re-dress this little girl as many times as they want.

What shall I wear today, cutouts

Outline for Activity

A simple sample is shown below,

What Shall I Wear Today

Sample for Felt Activity

Another sample, Check out the hair-do’s, accessories and cloth details!

What Shall I wear Today

Another Sample

The possibilities are truly endless. You can use the same idea for boy clothes. You can make multiple base figure and stick them onto different backgrounds(school, festival, office, beach etc).

All image credits: beinggaya3


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