For Rakshabandhan, Aarti asked me if I could do a post, since I have a brother and  as per her, that made me an ideal candidate to write a post (The gal loves me eh?). Then RM being RM, decided to rope in the brother,  threatening asking him  if he could do a post from a brother’s perspective. What follows here is the love the brother and sister shower on each other. Don’t believe all of it okay? Bro and I still fight like cats and dogs and yet it seems that when it comes to writing about your sibling, blood is thicker than water and all that eh?
So presenting R’s Mom and her brother trying to tell each other what they feel about each other…and for those skeptics who think why this on Rakshabandhan (show offs that we are eh?) and roll their eyes..ah! well…why NOT on Rakshabandhan 🙂
and after reading this, you are expected to wipe your emotional tears, pick up your phone, call your sibling and tell him/her how much you love them…okay! 
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Brother’s Version

There are some festivals in our country which symbolize the bond of a very pious relationship between a sister and a brother. Probably, of them, RAKSHABANDHAN is unique. One never knew that a simple thread (today in variety of forms, shapes and sizes) can bring out love, closeness and strength in the relationship of a sister and a brother. There are lots of stories which can be put forward and narrated about this festival.

What is RAKSHABANDHAN to me? I have a wonderful younger sister who happens to be R’s mom. From the time I have known, I don’t think my sister has missed tying/sending me the bond of thread “Rakhi” religiously. Hats off to her!!!!

When we were younger, we both have fought like cats and dogs. But on this pious day we would always try to be that good brother and sister. I have a huge long list of sisters (Don’t ask me why, God knows!) but for me, R’s mom, tying the first thread was a moment of happiness and joy. Even today, despite her absence on the particular day, I make it a point to tie her thread of love first which she lovingly sends through post.

So to me RAKSHABANDHAN is getting the love from my sister and giving her back the same amount of love, if not more. This is probably one of those days I ensure that if I cannot meet her personally, I surely talk to her. The other reason why I love RAKSHABANDHAN is, of course, it means having a day off from our hectic schedules and enjoying the day with our near and dear ones.

This is the day where boys’ pocket gets lighter for their sisters. When I was younger, I would complain to my parents that ‘why I should give my little sister’, when she just ties a fancy thread and gives me just one kaju katri (my favourite sweet) to eat. Of course I was not losing anything personally out of my pocket. Now I realize how immature we were! There were many of us who would compete with each other to see who has got the maximum number of fancy threads tied. I just can’t stop laughing when I think of those days!!!. Today, I don’t mind emptying my pockets for my sister but I do mind losing out to the crowd of brothers who always have had more number of “threads of love” tied in their hands.

As a brother on this RAKSHABANDHAN, I shall always pray for the well-being of my sister and her family. Let everyday be a RAKSHABANDHAN day. I hope I am able to teach my little son the importance of this festival; more than the festival, the importance of being a brother to his elder sister (though cousin) R.


Sister’s Version
Dear RMB
Today is Rakshabandhan…Funnily, I don’t think the ‘Rakhi’ I sent you has even reached you, but hey, it will come to  you okay. I hardly write about you, but I just want to tell you that I think you are a rockstar.
I found it really funny when the other day you told me that you actually remember seeing me all wrapped up in a cloth a few hours after I was born, looking like a small cute baby monkey (yaa thanks!) when Appa took you to the hospital where Amma and I were 🙂 And you were only 3.5 years then…
I never wanted to be in your team when we used to play together as kids because I always thought you molly coddled me a little too much. I have always been your favorite baby sister, and the things you have done for me boss! amazing!
Remember how you used to take me double seat in that big big cycle when your legs wouldn’t even reach the ground, cycle for 2.5 kilometres to my dance class, wait outside (because I wouldn’t want you to come in!) and then take me back…Jeez! you sure had patience bhai!
And then how my cycle used to get punctured when we returned from school and you used to cycle me and the two big bags in that hot summer sun at 1.30 PM. and remember that BSA SLR which we used to take me all around the township double seat in that 🙂
And in school, when we were in the same one, I would hate being called your sister..because you always won the ideal child award back to back each year..gah! and remember that science teacher in our secondary section. As soon as I went to the last seat to sit, she said ‘you are RMB’s sister, really, I can’t believe it, he is such a wonderful boy and you…..’ Well, it was difficult being a sister to such a great guy..but hey, I am still trying okay?
And remember how we walked home that day when I was in class 4 and you were in class 7, after taking our passport size pictures and you realised whatever money Amma had given us got we walked and walked and walked almost for 6 kilometres and you kept telling me abhi aaya yaar…chal chal…
You were always the first to appreciate all my kitchen disasters, whether it was the first time I made Poha or the pizzas I used to burn in the kitchen.
We always used to fight on who would clean the tables in the morning and who would do it in the evenings, you hated cleaning the wash basins and I hated putting the vessels on the shelves, but we both had to do it eh?
And tell me something, how the hell did you end up making better rotis than me eh? bol bol!!
Guess, this is mushy enough a letter, more in the next Rakshabandhan okay?
Loads of love
Your bratty sis
Now go pick up that phone okay 🙂


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