I was spending most of my day running around doing a lot, but, accomplishing very little. It seemed like I was getting tired just looking at the mountain of toys to be picked up. Let us not forget the mounds of laundry to be done, the cleaning, the cooking and the chores outside the house. When I felt I was unraveling fast, I called in my mom, the SUPER ORGANIZER to help with my toddler and get me become a super organized mom.

My parenting challenges and how my organized mom helped me:

Challenge #1

My toddler keeps leaving toys around the place. My house is always messy.

The Problem

My two year old has too many toys. He keeps dropping them where he plays and he has free run of the entire house.

The Solution

My mom suggested that I simply close the doors to the two bedrooms to reduce the area where the mess happened. Broken toys were thrown away and the good ones went into a large wicker basket, not on the shelves as I used to keep them. The house was suddenly cleaner as dropping toys in the basket turned into my toddler’s favorite game. The de-cluttering saved space and looked neater.

Challenge #2

I was forever in the kitchen.

The Problem

I was cooking separate meals for my toddler and he can be very fussy!

The Solution

Mom suggested that I cook a meal that everyone can have at dinner. Maybe rice, vegetables, and a stew. I could keep the stew bland for my son and then add the seasoning for us. She asked me to make fruit and vegetable puree in batches and freeze them in small containers. Add one veggie portion to a pan of water. Voila! Soup is ready. Frozen fruit is also a boon to soothe teething babies.

Challenge #3

My baby is cranky.

The Problem

I feel mean admitting this but I get cranky trying to calm him down.

The Solution

Mom taught me to calm down and that things need not be perfect. It is okay to have a frozen dinner or takeout once a week. It is okay to read a book and not dust the furniture on some days. The ‘ME’ time gives me a sense of calm and I am more fun around my toddler. The playfulness translates into a happier baby and a happier maa!

Challenge #4

I have too many errands.

The Problem

I am forever buckling my toddler in the car seat and driving around town.

The Solution

My super-organized mom, advised me to shop online for groceries and other household goods. This saves me time and money. I get fabulous deals and save on petrol too. I save nearly an hour on alternate days when my older child goes to play school by car pool. Time saved and sanity gained.

These handy tips have made life easier. I have more time to play with my child and am less stressed too! Moms are the best. Mine saved me from an impending meltdown and her organization hacks have made life so much easier! Thanks to her I am a Super Mom too!

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