There are days when it is too hot to go outside and it is just me and my daughter figuring out what to do with our afternoon. 

That’s when we come up with random Pinteresty crafts. But it is also when we bake together.

I love baking with my daughter!

Baking requires Precision

Somehow to my mind, baking is easier because I need to just follow the measurements correctly and invariably the product turns out good. Not so with Indian cooking where everything is a pinch of this and a dash of that and a handful of something else. I can’t wrap my head around it.

No Distractions

My 4 yr old daughter and I settle down in a cozy chat as we measure out flour and beat eggs and smell the cinnamon. 

We also don’t have any other distractions- read no electronic media. 

Build Self-Confidence and Life Skills

I am hoping that baking with my daughter will give her the self confidence that she can do things on her own.I let her measure flour and mix and pour. Yes, there is a mess. But I am messy too and we can always clean up.

As we wait for the cookies or muffins to bake, we each get a cold drink and wait for the timer to go off. 

A warm off the oven goodie and a cold drink makes our hot, lazy afternoon so much brighter! 

What is your favorite quality time activity?

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  1. simmi

    Kids always love to something new specially the mom is doing. As usual my girls are also fond of playing kitchen games. They play for hours cutting their toy vegetables, makings salads, juices decorating dining table with variety of toy food. Good idea to involve kids with some real hands on.

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