Move over honeymoon, here comes babymoon. The sweet time when you are blissfully pregnant and you have a few more days of being just the two of you. Because after you have had a child, travelling is not as easy as stuffing things in a backpack and buying a ticket, hence the babymoon.

A Grand Adventure

We went on our babymoon to the great white North, Canada from New Jersey. Yes, travelling while pregnant has its challenges. Our doctor suggested we keep our trip within four hours travelling time. Hence after a lot of planning we decided on Niagara falls, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec city with lots of time for rest and a relaxed pace of sight seeing, we chose comfort over time and money on this trip. First, we invested in a big thick winter coat which would give me room to grow and protect me on board the Maid of the Mist. We booked tours where we were accompanied by older folks who were enthusiastic about seeing new places but at a slower pace.

Romance is in the Air!

We first landed in Toronto where we were joined by my cousin and her husband and we drove to Niagara Falls. Had a lovely time at the falls and on the tour, spent some time at the casinos and saw my first complete rainbow, stretching from the earth to the sky and back. Visited the famous vineyards in Niagara where the famed ice wine is made. Niagara was also wearing fall colors at the time, it gave magic a whole new meaning.

Niagara Falls in Autumn Colors Photo credit: Pixabay

Niagara Falls in Autumn Colors
Photo credit: Pixabay

After staying overnight at Niagara listening to the roar of the falls, we drove back to Toronto. In Toronto, we loved the Distillary District, CN Tower and home food at my cousin’s house, yum! We took a train to Montreal just the two of us and enjoyed the amazing city of Montreal with its beautiful churches and unique underground shopping districts, just perfect for the winter. The lovely botanical gardens were lit up with Chinese lanterns at the time and  old Montreal  was just so charming. The best part of this trip was quaint old Quebec City and then Quebec sprung a surprise on us when we discovered lower town, which was the older city which French settlers had first built.

Cobbled streets of old Quebec City Photo credit: Pixabay

Cobbled streets of old Quebec City
Photo credit: Pixabay

Babymoon Cravings!

We were also faced with unforeseen curve balls. One night, I just had to eat spicy food and my husband had to go hunting for some! He finally came back with Chinese food with a lot of sriracha sauce.

There was the time when I was the only teetotaller on a vineyard tour. I could also not enjoy the lovely French cuisine in Quebec as my baby craved spicy food. He/she would not let me down anything otherwise!

But it was a lovely time when we could just be the two of us and rekindle our love. It was also very special because we were making a new life. We were entering a milestone in our marriage together as parents. Yes, we continued travelling and going on trips once the baby was born but now the rules are different, the baby is king.

So a little advice to all you first time parents, plan your babymoon even if it’s an overnight trip because such magic cannot be recreated.

Featured Image: Razor Rasu


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  1. SriEA

    Yup agree…we went on our babymoon to Pondicherry for 3 days..very close to Chennai where we stay..just relaxed at the hotel!

    My daughter is going to be 5 this year and it is easier now to go on holidays..