Swear by a baby massage? Focus on these infant pressure points and maximize the great results!

Baby massage is a great way to get your child to sleep, recuperate, eat and grow better. Every Indian mom has been told by her elders the virtues of massaging our babies. Be it with coconut oil or almond oil or sesame oil or some other family secret blend of oils. When my little one was born, I remember how delicately my mother massaged her. She would massage her feet first, then legs, then torso, then back, face and the head.

My daughter loved and still loves getting her back massaged. As she has grown I have slipped in this daily routine and haven’t been able to massage her as regularly as I’d like.

Baby Massage and Accupressure Points

Being an engineer, I like to maximize the final outcome of everything as much as possible. I then decided to optimize this too. Why not massage in a way that will give her the best results? I needn’t spend too much time. Instead, I can massage at the right pressure points. A simple Google search pointed me to Naomi Trip’s blog post on this very topic at  Tripi’s baby tips and tricks.: 5 tips for infant acupressure points.

Next time your little one has a cold or is coughing or isn’t sleeping, do try these and let us and Naomi know your results!

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