We moms always look for a well-balanced meal, especially for breakfast. This month, Toka Chef features a recipe for a food item that is filling, yummy, protein-rich and easy to make as well. Wondering what it is? It is the Avocado toast or the Avocado sandwich recipe!
Avocados are one of the wonderful fruits of summer. I know it’s not yet summer, but still, the avocados in the grocery stores were inviting. So I thought, why not prepare a breakfast recipe during the spring break? The recipe is super simple. All you have to do is mash the avocados, add your favorite condiments and spread on the bread. Top it up with cheese, toast it and enjoy! But the sky is the limit here. You can create an endless version of the avocado sandwich.

Toka Chef Moment

So when we were mashing the avocados, kiddo was saying its like mashing potatoes and started calling avocados as green potatoes! And that’s when I asked if the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable? The green color, buttery taste, and no sweet flavor make us think avocado as a vegetable, but technically it is a fruit belonging to the berry family. Yes, avocado is a berry, precisely a single-seeded berry.

Also, we read that we can grow an avocado plant from the seed by placing it in water. So we wanted to try that as well. We followed this website and worked accordingly. We inserted three toothpicks and kept it in the water like below. I will keep you updated on our IG. So please stay tuned to know if it was a hit or miss.


Here comes the avocado sandwich recipe…


  • Small size avocados – 2
  • Shallots – 3
  • Butter – as required for toasting.
  • Tomato slices – 3
  • Lemon Juice – 1 tsp
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp
  • Grated Pepper – 1/4 tsp
  • Shredded cheese of your choice – as required
  • Bread slices – 6


      • Parental Step: If using shallots, peel them and chop them finely. If your child likes it raw, then no need to saute. As Vaandu doesn’t prefer raw, I just sauteed them in the skillet for a couple of minutes and used the same skillet to mash the avocados.


    • Parental Step: Cut the avocado into two. Separate the seed and set aside. You can try growing as shown above.
    • Child Step: Let your child scoop out the flesh and add it to the sauteed onion mix.


    • Child Step: Let your child add the lemon juice. If using a fresh one, make sure you remove the seeds.


      • Child Step: Then let them add the salt and pepper. At this stage, you can add your child’s favorite condiments. You can use taco sauce or other seasonings as well.


        • Child Step: Let your child mash and mix all the ingredients. Ensure the salt and pepper are mixed well and the avocados are mashed evenly.


    • Parental Step: Cut the tomatoes into thin slices and arrange the bread for spreading the avocado mix.
    • Child Step: Let your child spread the avocado mix on the bread, followed by tomato slice. Finally, let them add the desired amount of cheese and close the sandwich.


      • Parental Step: Heat a pan or griddle and add some butter. Place the sandwiches and toast them for a couple of minutes over medium heat on both sides until the crust becomes light brown or until the cheese melts.


That’s it. The yummy avocado sandwich is ready. Enjoy it with some ketchup.

Toka Yum Moment

Kiddo likes this sandwich very much, and he always asks me to pack this for lunch. But I haven’t packed this for his lunch yet. I know adding lemon juice and wrapping the sandwich tightly in a wrap helps. But I think it’s my mental block. I always assume that the avocado will turn brown and the kiddo will not eat it. I think I need to come out of it and pack this easy lunch.

If you pack avocado sandwiches for lunch, please do share how you pack them. We would love to hear from you.


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