How to Read More – Tips and Tricks

How to Read More

From Audio Books to Reading Buddies – Vinitha covers it all. She says – I have been asked by many how I manage to read so many books and make time for reading. I don’t have a formula for it but here are 5 ways to read more and reach those reading goals.  Ways to


Age 4 - 9, Book Review

Peanut Has a Plan

Peanut has a plan Book Review

About Peanut Has a Plan Peanut has a plan is a Duckbill Hole Book written by Yashodhara Lal. The book is 65 pages long and is illustrated by Shreya Sen. It is ideal for young readers aged 5-8. The Plot Siblings, Peanut, Papad and Pickle, are on summer break. Peanut starts getting bored at home


Children's Books

Poetry Books for 4- 9 Yr olds

Favorite Poetry Books for Kids

I have a love-hate relationship with poetry and am rather intimidated by poetry quite often. I want to my daughter to experience and learn to love poetry early on unlike me. Lot of children’s book have great rhyming words and serve as great starting point for exposing kids to the world of poems. Here are


Book Review, Children's Books

Kids are never too old for picture books!

Picture Books for all ages

One of the biggest injustices we do to ourselves and our children is to move away from picture books. My 7-year reads “big” books. Harry Potter, Enid Blyton, books by the Stilton siblings and more. She enjoys them a lot and slowly over time, my library haul didn’t have many picture books. I have made a conscious



A Visit to Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal


During my recent trip to Madurai, I took the time to walk around the beautiful 17th century palace aka Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal sitting right in the middle of the city along with my daughter. Growing up with tales of princess dressed in pinks and purples, wearing tiaras and dancing at balls living in palaces on


Age 9+, Book Review

Book Review: Ravana Refuses to Die

Ravana Refuses to Die

Ravana Refuses to Die by Rustom Dadachanji, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan and published by Duckbill Books is a collection of short stories targeted at young readers aged 10-12. We often talk about a need for diverse books and books that feature protagonists as unique as the reader. This book definitely fits that bill. Book Review



What is in your Cool Mom Jar?


Every day is a battle and half or at least that is how it seems. I am usually a bundle of nerves and emotions and stress a couple of times a week. Somehow on the days when I feel the worst are the days when my daughter is at her crankiest. To be the cool


Behaviour, Parenting

Raising Empathetic and Kind Children

Kind Children

Hardly a day goes by without me groaning in despair about the world around me. Intolerance, hatred and violence seem to take over the inherent goodness of people. It is a sad place to be and a hard place to raise kind human beings. We unfortunately dwell in a world where interactions over the cell phones take precedence



Finding The Motivation To Fitness

motivation to fitness

I am not a gym-freak or a health nut. I exercise because I don’t have an alternative. I also don’t believe that I should deprive the foodie in me. I have made fitness a part of my life the past couple of years. It hasn’t been an easy journey. It has had ups, downs and plateaus.


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Amazing Way To Use Strawberry! Make This Yum Strawberry Syrup!

quick and easy strawberry syrup

When life gives you strawberries, you make this strawberry syrup! Spring is a time for celebrations and memories- for family traditions and joy. One of our family traditions is to visit a local farm and pick strawberries. Ever notice how tasty freshly-picked fruit tastes? We walk under the sun along rows of strawberry plants bending down to



Are You An Anxious Parent?

anxious parent

We parents are a special breed. We pile guilt and stress upon ourselves. We melt at a gummy grin, cry over a fallen tooth and stay awake to watch our offsprings sleep. We cherish these moments. We wear different hats and try to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. We



Play Alone Time for Kids

playtime alone for kids

I love my daughter and have spent quite a lot of time “playing” with her. We have cooked pretend and real meals, crafted ships and cards, coloured bunnies and unicorns and more. I love spending time with her and watching her thoughts and ideas grow. It brightens my mood most days but then there are



A Mother’s Turmoil – Schools under Threat

Classroom and activity stations of preschool

It was a dawn like every other. The forecast called for a cold day and I had planned to send her favourite mushroom soup in a thermos to warm her up during lunch. I had put out the clothes the previous night – long sleeve gray undershirt, a short sleeve pink tee with roses, fleece


Discussions, Perspectives

Talking About Tragedies

Talking About Tragedies with kids

As my daughter grows up, the more I feel protective about her. The world around her seems to be morphing into this big bad wolf ready to pounce on her. To eat up her freedom, gobble her free spirit and curb those giggles. I am leading her into this world and there are times I



Raising a Little Traveller

little traveller

Amma, for my 7th birthday can we go to Holland and see the tulips? The ones that spread out like a magic carpet? Red and pink and yellow and blue? My 5 year old daughter’s questions made my heart sing. I was so happy that she was ready to explore the world and open herself