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Grandma’s Great Gourd – A Trickster Tale


GRANDMA’s GREAT GOURD  Android  iOS       We have tried again and again and again. Keeping those kids away from the smartphones and tabs is almost impossible. So as a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and


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Feather Tales – A Flamingo in My Garden!

A Flamingo in My Garden

A fascinating adventure unfolds in Mumbai’s azure skies. Book Blurb A Mumbai flamingo goes missing. The city is home to beautiful rose-coloured flamingos that feed in its creeks and mudflats. But when one among them, Sunglow, disappears, the skybird Longtail is called in to investigate. Rumour has it that the seagulls and the crows are


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App Review: Story Talkies

Story Talkies Mobile App

Storytelling Now, I don’t think any parent will undermine the importance of storytelling to their kids. Storytelling helps in developing early literacy skills, builds vocabulary and language along with familiarizing sounds and words that may not be common in day to day interaction (think trenches and snowball). Storytelling encourages imagination and creativity in children. Regular storytelling


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Our Toddler is an Individual

Toddler individual

Yes, he is 20 pounds and 31 inches tall and you can lift him up in one hand. But that doesn’t undermine the fact that my toddler is a human with functional emotions, desires and opinions. That is why we treat him as one of us, as an individual and not as a baby. We


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A Toddler In a Supermarket

Toddler In a store

Supermarkets are like toddler wonderlands, any store for that matter. Be it the grocery section or the toys, with temptations galore, there is no stopping a spirited toddler!! So, summing up that experience of shopping for you!! She wants to run around and you are afraid she will knock down an expensive china. You will



A Few Requests to the Elders of the Family

Elders in the Family

Honestly, I wish I never had to write this. If there was a book  called “Smart Grandparenting”, like there are loads of them on smart parenting, I would have just given you that. I never wanted to be the one telling you people what to do and what not to. After all its the reverse.


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Make Sure Your Teen Does Not Miss These Authors


I believe that you are never the same person before and after you read a book. As Charles William Elliot wisely put it “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Teens need them, because that’s when the minds