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Microwave Poha Badam Kheer | Flattened Rice and Almonds Kheer


How about a traditional sweet for this Valentine’s day instead of cakes and cookies? When the celebrations fall on a weekday, it’s quite difficult to prepare elaborate meals and desserts. So I always look out for easy ways to make our family favorite. Today I am going share Poha Kheer made in the microwave with


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Waffles Dosa | Millet Recipes


Waffles dosa is a no secret recipe. It’s same old millet dosa batter with few veggies. Instead of preparing the dosa in the regular tawa, I prepared the dosa using the waffle maker and tada, waffle dosa is ready. All we want is the kids to sit and eat a healthy and a proper meal.


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Pratham Book Reviews | Brushing is No Fun & Sringeri Srinivas Learns to Laugh

Level 2 Pratham Books

Brushing is No Fun by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Anupama Ajinkya Apte: Vaandu doesn’t like to wash his hands after play time and according to him brushing is the boring job in this whole wide world. He doesn’t want even to miss the playing time by doing all those not-so-fun stuff. I bet this


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Interesting Find : Halla Gulla Kids – Super Fun Kids Dance-Along Song

Halla Gulla Kids

Winter Woes During winter, the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. Arts, crafts, and other indoor activities come to the rescue but at times they become restless and they need to spend their energy. Playing outside and spending energy helps a lot. But what to do during winters? Forget winters, when we don’t have time to


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The Peepal Tree and its Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Questions and More Does Peepal trees have flowers? Do they bloom? Have you wondered where their flowers are? Hmmm Any guess? In their branches? If yes, what colour are these flowers? Ok, no more questions. Let me just answer the first part. Yes, Peepal trees bloom and they bear flowers but in their own secret garden.


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Festive Special Foxtail Millets Laddu | Thinai Laddu


Don’t we all love laddus? Earlier in October, I posted Rava Laddu and now it’s time for Millet laddu. I prepared this laddu using the foxtail millet popularly known as Thinai in Tamil and Kangni in Hindi. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet. (The first one is pearl millet or Kambu/Bajra). It



Supplement Your Diet


We all know that time is gold and health is wealth. The time you spend with your friends and family is much more important than any other materialistic gifts. In order to provide that time to our friends and family, we need to be healthy.  A well-balanced diet and a proper physical exercise are going


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Party & Potluck Special – Bombay Biryani | Vegetarian Version


The holiday season is in the air. Holiday seasons always calls for potlucks and parties which of course means yummy food. Today I am going to share the vegetarian version of one of the signature recipes from India – Biryani specifically Bombay Biryani which is a perfect party pleaser. The history of biryani root backs


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Eggless Carrot Oatmeal Cookies


Holiday season always calls for baking. Last month, I posted simple 1 minute microwave eggless cookie. This time I am going to post a traditional conventional oven baked cookies. Gingerbread cookies and christmas are inseparable. Like many other Christmas traditions, the origin of this classic christmas cookie lies ages ago. These  Christmas cookies are heavily



The End of an Era


Feels like dark clouds have filled Tamil Nadu completely. We lost three  legends within a span of 3 weeks. The great Carnatic musician, Padma Vibhushan Dr. Balamuralikrishna passed away on Nov 22nd. Balamuralikrishna has over 400 compositions to his credit and this single post is not enough to talk about his musical journey. Before recuperating



Young Tamil Author 2017 | Contest Announcement


“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind” ~ Ayn Rand IMC is very happy to announce that we are partnering up with iPaati for the great initiative, the Young Tamil Author 2017. The contest is a wonderful opportunity to write and bring out your child’s imagination in a book format. It can be individual work


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Indidoll – A much-needed Product


When there can be barbie dolls, why not Indi dolls? When we heard about this venture from Swapna Bapat of Indidoll, we were super elated and wanted to know more about it. We really loved the concept and we got an opportunity to talk with Team Indidoll. Team Indidoll Before getting into details, we would like to


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Eggless 1 Minute Microwave Cookies


It’s the holiday season and holiday season calls for baking. Before getting into some traditional baking for this season, how about some simple microwave ones? Here comes the Eggless 1 minute Microwave cookies. This is a simple eggless soft chewy cookie that can be whipped up within 5 minutes.  You can prepare fresh cookies everyday with different


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Fun Educational Apps From Tivola


In today’s world, mobile phones and games are part and parcel of our life.  Be it Android or iOS, there are a lot of games for kids out there in the App store. As a mom, I always look out for interesting apps that are fun and at the same time that teach something to


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Qubani ka Meetha | Khubani Ka Meetha


Diwali the festival of lights is right around the corner and this time it’s just before the Halloween. We have been posting Diwali books and our craft this time was around Diwali too. I already posted Rava ladoo but wanted to post one more sweet delicacy that goes with both Diwali and Halloween. I love