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Dosai Amma Dosai – Traditional Nursery Rhymes from All Over India

Dum Dum Dho

Rhythm and Rhyme play a significant role in early literacy skills and development in children. You can sing these rhymes to your kids while walking, playing and even while driving. It’s not only fun, but we also teach children the listening skills, a broad range of language, phonetic skills. clearly puts it; Nursery rhymes


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Cleancult – A Non Toxic Laundry Detergent Pod


It’s high time that we need to lead a sustainable lifestyle and save the Earth for future generations. But I agree, it’s not easy and living a sustainable lifestyle comes with its fair share of challenges. Just take an example of laundry detergent.  When you go to laundry aisle in the grocery store, you will


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Book Review | Genius Kids On A Mission by Ekta Bhatnagar


Genius Kids On A Mission by Ekta Bhatnagar is perfect for kids age group 7+. This book contains two stories, and each story is in a chapter form. If your child is transitioning to a chapter book, this would be a good bet.


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Toka Chef Recipe – One Recipe, Four Ways

pav bhaji

Cooking is a versatile art. If nurtured from childhood, every child can be an excellent chef. Our Toka Chef recipe every month targets this nurturing life skill.  The recipe pick this month is all about how to prep vegetables, plan your meal and creatively serve one dish in multiple ways. You can check out April’s Toka Box book pick and craft



Quick & Easy Aloo Bhaji


The weekend always calls for delicious breakfast with the family. We usually prefer scrumptious brunch and over the weekend and puri being our family favorite will be there for sure. If you ask me, I would say Puri and Aloo Bhaji is a combo made in heaven. 🙂 I usually prepare the potato bhaji in


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Book Review | The Assassin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay


Summer Vacations are about to begin in India. Are you looking for an adventurous book to read this holiday? Yes, then you have to check this fun and exciting contemporary superhero book- The Assasin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay written by Manisha Anand & published by Puffin Books India. This book is the sequel to


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Yellow Moong Dal Dosa | Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Moong Dal Dosa

Diabetic Friendly Recipes I am back with the diabetic friendly recipes. I know it’s been more than three months since the last recipe, but from now you will find the recipes regularly. So today’s recipe is a simple day-to-day quintessential recipe from South India – Dosa, but not the regular rice and urad dal dosa, but moong



E-Book Release: Millet Magic Unleashed

millets cover

Gone are the days when millets were considered bird food. Millets are now the Magic food! We recently saw the revival of this magic ingredient and that was the main reason we organized a contest “Mother’s day Magic with Millets” as part of our Mother’s Day celebrations. You can find the details of the contest here and


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Holi Special Recipe to Cook with your Kids – Baked Mawa Gujiya


Cooking with kids is always fun. We discussed this in our science says post. It’s a great family activity, and in fact, science encourages us to let our children cook along with us. As per the researchers at the University of Alberta, the easiest way to get kids to eat healthy food is to give


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Microwave Poha Badam Kheer | Flattened Rice and Almonds Kheer


How about a traditional sweet for this Valentine’s day instead of cakes and cookies? When the celebrations fall on a weekday, it’s quite difficult to prepare elaborate meals and desserts. So I always look out for easy ways to make our family favorite. Today I am going share Poha Kheer made in the microwave with


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Waffles Dosa | Millet Recipes


Waffles dosa is a no secret recipe. It’s same old millet dosa batter with few veggies. Instead of preparing the dosa in the regular tawa, I prepared the dosa using the waffle maker and tada, waffle dosa is ready. All we want is the kids to sit and eat a healthy and a proper meal.


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Pratham Book Reviews | Brushing is No Fun & Sringeri Srinivas Learns to Laugh

Level 2 Pratham Books

Brushing is No Fun by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Anupama Ajinkya Apte: Vaandu doesn’t like to wash his hands after play time and according to him brushing is the boring job in this whole wide world. He doesn’t want even to miss the playing time by doing all those not-so-fun stuff. I bet this


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Interesting Find : Halla Gulla Kids – Super Fun Kids Dance-Along Song

Halla Gulla Kids

Winter Woes During winter, the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. Arts, crafts, and other indoor activities come to the rescue but at times they become restless and they need to spend their energy. Playing outside and spending energy helps a lot. But what to do during winters? Forget winters, when we don’t have time to


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The Peepal Tree and its Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Questions and More Does Peepal trees have flowers? Do they bloom? Have you wondered where their flowers are? Hmmm Any guess? In their branches? If yes, what colour are these flowers? Ok, no more questions. Let me just answer the first part. Yes, Peepal trees bloom and they bear flowers but in their own secret garden.


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Festive Special Foxtail Millets Laddu | Thinai Laddu


Don’t we all love laddus? Earlier in October, I posted Rava Laddu and now it’s time for Millet laddu. I prepared this laddu using the foxtail millet popularly known as Thinai in Tamil and Kangni in Hindi. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet. (The first one is pearl millet or Kambu/Bajra). It