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Quick and Easy Fried Fish with Shan Spice Blend | Taste Happiness


This past weekend, my husband was coming home from a work trip. He was gone for 2 weeks. The kids had driven me crazy and if you ask them they would probably say the same about me. With my husband’s return, there was light at the end of the tunnel. I made plans next day


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Book Week Special Recipe: Heidi’s Famous Supper: Grilled Cheese on Toast


It was 2006. We were planning our first ever trip to Europe. Paris, French Riviera and Switzerland was on the cards. I was chatting with my husband’s cousin, discussing our plans and gushing over places that we will see . She shared my enthusiasm to see the Heidi trail in Switzerland.In that moment we bonded over



Restaurant Style Murgh Makhani or Butter Chicken


We had friends visiting one Friday evening. They were in San Francisco only for the evening and we had them over for dinner. We ordered take out food as I was not up for cooking for so many folks. But I baked us a cake.The cake as luck would have it didn’t turn out well. It


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Ambat Tikhat Kolambi – Hot and Sour Shrimp Curry


My mom is a pure vegetarian. But she knew we loved fish and shrimp and she used to cook 3- 4 “non vegetarian” dishes for us. Shrimp pulav, fried pomfret, stuffed surmai and fish curry. She had learnt them from her best friend, right down to the salt and seasonings as she couldn’t taste test



Sonoma Wine Tasting – The Local Way

Sonoma Wine Tasting

Years ago, I should say a decade ago, we visited Napa Valley with a bunch of friends. Some drove from Florida, others flew in from DC; one came in all the way from India. We all were visiting San Francisco (SF) for the first time. And as with all SF itineraries, we all had Napa


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Recipe: Orange Sunshine Cake


It was my mom’s birthday last week and I made her an orange birthday cake. We have been fortunate to have her visiting us on her recent few birthdays. Last year, we celebrated in Lonavla – an impromptu gathering of the entire family. Lunch at a popular restaurant followed by fudge and sev while enjoying