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Children’s Mythology from Nosey Trunk!

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Growing up, listening to stories from our grandparents and parents was how most of us learnt about Indian mythology. These stories made the Divine seem human and almost friend-like. I guess that is why we love them, celebrate them and want to share them with our kids. Ranjani Krishnaswamy of Nosey Trunk combines such stories with her love for


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Direct Dil Se with Ekta Bhatnagar, author of Genius Kids on a Mission

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Genius Kids On A Mission by Ekta Bhatnagar is perfect for kids age group 7+. This book contains two stories, and each story is in a chapter form. If your child is transitioning to a chapter book, this would be a good bet. IMC spoke to the author of this book,  Ekta Bhatnagar IMC: What made you


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Celebrate Holi with Me!

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About the Author Celebrate Holi with Me is the latest release From the Toddler Diaries series by Shoumi Sen. The first book in the series was Celebrate Durga Pujo with Me! The Toddler Diaries Series started off as a series of poems that the author wrote for her daughter.As you turn the pages of this book, you


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The Night Monster – A Book for a child’s fear of monsters under the bed

night monster book

The Night Monster by Karadi Tales Book Blurb “Every night, when the owl hoots and the shadows of the trees dance on the walls, the Night monster creeps into Avi’s room and frightens him. One day his sister suggests he write a letter to the monster, and Avis’s nights are not the same anymore.” The


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Book Review | TED, The Fire Engine – Book 3 in the series!


Ronny the Bully, is the 3rd  book in TED, The Fire Engine series by Lakshmi Mitter. IMC has had Ted, The Fire Engine with us for sometime now . Lakshmi Mitter had first put up her book, as a video story on IMC and later when the series became a book. We are glad that Ted has been a


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Chalo, Mumbai Ki Sehar Karein (Let’s Visit Mumbai)!


My daughter and I recently visited Mumbai for a few weeks. And when we returned, I got this children’s book about Mumbai –  Let’s Visit Mumbai, for review! And as I started reading it I felt, wait a minute, did I write this book! That feeling of been there, done that really hit me hard and it brought a


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The Lion’s Feast by Karadi Tales | Book Review


Karadi Tales‘ latest book The Lion’s Feast is an irreverent tale with really funny illustrations. IMC was delighted to receive a copy of this fun children’s book for review. The Story The Lion’s Feast is a story about an old couple who are forced to invite a ravenous lion to their home for a meal. What


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Princess Easy Pleasy – A Fussy Princess from India

Princess Easy Pleasy

Does your family travel a lot or take vacations on and off? And do you have little ones with you when you do! If yes, you are sure to love Princess Easy Pleasy from Karadi Tales!  Princess Easy Pleasy is about a fussy little princess, who is anything but easy to please. This Indian Princess, with her parents- the King


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Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our


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MILLK (Kamala Mills) – Play and Recreation Centre for Kids in Mumbai


Kids love to run and play. They always want to head out and play. As adults, it is our responsibility to provide space and a safe environment for them to play. In bustling cities like Mumbai, playing outside the house is next to impossible. It is the need of the hour to have spacious recreation centres where kids


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A Cute Book About Indian Gods and Goddesses!


After Trishala’s Dream (giveaway coming soon), Beanstalk Cottage are back with their new book. ‘My First book of Indian Gods & Goddesses‘ by Sonila Prashant, illustrated by Alankrita and published by Beanstalk Cottage, is a cute board book aimed at introducing our little ones to our Indian Gods. And that is exactly what it does, oh so perfectly! Some would argue, there


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The Hungry People!


Periodically the kitchen is invaded by hungry people. These simple folks correlate hunger with food. In their hungry eyes, anything within the kitchen walls is eatable. It is “I am hungry, something is eatable and it is in the kitchen”. All the esoteric plans of the cook means nothing to them. They come in ready to eat cooked,


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5 Things ‘Back to School’ Moms Can Do!

back to school mom

It is back to school time here in the US! So, if you are a ‘back to school’ mom who stays at home, you may now have a few hours to yourself, in peace and quiet, where you can actually hear yourself think! Or you may sit and worry about your child’s first days in school -I


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for September 2016


Tips for Oral Hygiene After having my teeth extracted, I understand the pain and frustration that a person has to go through because of poor dental hygiene. Before you make some nasty judgments about my oral health, let me clarify that I am a pretty strict person when it comes to hygiene. I brush two


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Super Simple Braised Baby Potatoes | Healthy Way of Eating Potatoes

braised potatoes

Most kids love potatoes, don’t they! From French fries to tater-torts to hash browns, potatoes are a favorite snack! However, as a mom the unhealthiness of the deep-fried and store bought form is a concern. Well, why not try braising them instead, at home, a better alternative for sure and it does taste super yummy! And what’s more its an