How to Take Care of a Newborn’s Umbilical Stump

Newborn umbilical care

What is the Umbilical Stump? The umbilical cord is the passage through which the foetus receives nutrition while in the mother’s womb.The cord is connected to placenta of the mother. After delivery, it is cut off through a painless process, which leaves a stump on the baby’s navel. This stump falls off on it’s own 7-21


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Breastfeeding And Sleep Routine for Newborns

Sleep Routine and Breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition. At the same time, a well-fed baby makes setting a longer sleep routine easy. This means less hungry and cranky wake-up sessions. Many babies tend to fall asleep when feeding before filling their stomachs. Once disrupted the


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Postpartum Care for Vaginal Delivery

Postpartum Care for New Moms

Hello New Mother! Congratulations! Your baby might be your first and last priority after delivery but you need to ensure a quick recovery of your own self to take good care of your little bundle of joy. Here are few tips for postpartum self-care. Take Rest It might be something which would seem impossible for


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15 Things No One Tells a New Mom


With every new phase of life you learn something new. You gain the expertise through experience.But  when we share the experience, comparison comes into picture.I am talking about motherhood. A new mom is told many things and one of the most common lines you would have heard is “my baby never did that”. Well I am not


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My Breastfeeding Story – The Sore Nipples


Sore nipples are some thing every woman experiences at some point of her life. But if the sore nipples are due to breastfeeding believe me there is nothing more painful, emotionally and physically. I had a normal delivery and I thought the pain at least the physical  is over but to my shock there was much