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Activity Book with Bengal Patua Scroll Painting

A Village is a Busy Place

A Village is a Busy Place is a stunning new activity book from Tara Books. The illustrations are in the Bengal style of Patua scroll painting and depicts life in a village of the Santhal people, one of India’s largest indigenous communities. Patua scroll paintings have stories that unfold while the chitrakar sings the story. This book


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8 Ways to Draw a Fish

8 ways to draw a fish

8 Ways to Draw a Fish published by Tara Books follows 8 Ways to Draw an Elephant. The fish is explored from an artists viewpoint using various folk art techniques. Meena, Gond, Madhubani, Patua and Bhil are some of the art forms explored. What’s in the book? The young reader gets to learn some facts about


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An Everyday Super Girl!

Nina The Neighborhood Ninja

This week a widely shared study has found that as early as 6 yrs old, girls already believe that they are less smart than boys! As a mother to a 6 yr old daughter, this is obviously awful news! It is heartbreaking to me to think that my daughter might potentially be feeling this way!


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Glitter and Gloss – Relax with a Book!

Glitter and Gloss

A Mother’s Indecisive Me Time There are some days when you want to explore the deepest of emotions within you. On those days, we tend to read deeply, feel deeply and think a lot. And then there are those days when one wants is a good book to curl up with – a book that evokes and brings out


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Meri Bindi – A Bilingual Book for Hindi Learners


Meri Bindi / My Bindi by Anu Anand is a lovely bilingual book that surprisingly covers quite a bit of Hindi vocabulary – from colors, shapes, sizes to general terms like “look” ,  “come” and “friends”. The text covers a lot of the words that you would typically learn when you start out learning any new



An Eventful November – IMC turns 5!

Festival of South Asian Children's Content

It has been an eventful November already and we are only half-way into the month! We wrapped up the very first Festival of South Asian Children’s Content successfully on Nov 5. The event was well-attended, full of spirit and celebrations. We enjoyed meeting authors and content creators we had only worked with online and facilitating


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An Interactive Journey Through Indian Art Movements

Eye Spy Indian Art

After Raza’s Bindu, authors Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai are back with Eye Spy Indian Art, an absolutely gorgeous and well-crafted book that takes us on a journey of the evolution of Indian Modern Art and its various movements. They start with the pre-modern phase of the Company School depicting life, birds and animals in British


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A Child’s Window into the World of Modern Art

Raza's Bindu Book

As a child growing up in India, art meant the Ravi Varma paintings of Gods and Goddesses hanging on our walls and in the puja room. Modern art was an alien concept. We would hear about modern artists and their exhibitions happening somewhere in South Bombay, in an accessible part of the world. Art education


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A Magazine for Preschoolers: National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids

I love magazines! I get the warm fuzzies when I receive my monthly stash of  them – all ranging from the business world to organic gardening. The love affair with magazines probably started for me as a pre-teen when my mother subscribed to Target, a children’s magazine that was published out of Delhi. It had contemporary and


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Priyanka Chopra’s Armpit Controversy and What It Means To Us!

Priyanka Chopra

A movie star’s armpits are photoshopped and it takes the internet by storm and we are still talking about it. Maxim India airbrushes Priyanka Chopra’s armpits, BuzzFeed India calls it out, Priyanka Chopra then posts a pic of her un-photoshopped armpits on Instagram- which was pretty sassy, I must say. Her un-photoshopped armpits are great according


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Knock Knock! – A Delightful Story Unfolds

Knock Knock by Tara Books

Knock! Knock! illustrated by Kaori Takahashi and published by Tara Books is a quirky delight. The book comes in a “box”. A little girl comes home and finds that her bear is not there. She looks for it at home and decides to go on a quest to look for her bear in her apartment building.



Should I Insist On Indian Food In My Child’s Lunch Box?

Lunch box

The other day there was a discussion in a mother’s group in Facebook about her child rejecting Indian food for her lunch box but will eat it at home. The mother felt that if she gives in to the child’s demands of not taking Indian food, the child will not be proud of her Indian heritage.


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The Very Beginning of Reading For Your 5 And 6 Year Olds

sight words

Reading starts way before children recognize the alphabet. It starts when they are read to, aloud and they hear the sounds of words, strung together to make sentences. I don’t remember when I learnt to read, when the words in front of me in the many Amar Chitra Kathas and Tinkles my mom read to


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Collard Greens in Indian Food

Collard Green Subji

This is the first in a series of recipes we want to do for incorporating American vegetables in our regular traditional Indian food. We know a lot of moms out there do it already. So do send in your findings at : Collard Greens are a great green, they taste a bit reminiscent of Agathi


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Eat Seasonal: Butternut Squash Chutney/ Thogayal

Butternut Squash Chutney

Butternut Squash is available in adundance in fall/winter. One of the best ways to eat is of course seasonal. Sometimes incorporating newer vegetables in traditional indian food is hard. Here is one way to add butternut squash easily into our meals. This chutney/thogayal keeps for a couple of days at least in the fridge and