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Single Child

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~ Elizabeth Stone Becoming parents is a big decision and turning point in life. Another associated decision is the family size. In the past, big families with four or



Infertility – Everything you Wanted to Know


Sunaina Bhargava had everything going for her. Happily married to Rohan for five years she had nothing to complain. Last week, someone enquired when would she be sharing some ‘good news’. Sunaina broke down. “We had decided to have kids after two years of marriage, but I was unable to conceive’, she explains. For some



Urban Edible Gardening – All You Need to Know


The green revolution is happening over right our heads – on our rooftops! Yes, urban organic farming on rooftops has caught up in a big way all over the world. Brooklyn Grange produces over 50,000 pounds of organic crop every year. Spread over 2.5 acres on two rooftops in New York City, it is the


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Parenting Kids with Special Needs

Learning Disability

This is a powerful message from Megan with Down’s syndrome. Down’s syndrome is congenital.  Children with this syndrome have an extra chromosome. This manifests in global developmental delays. Children with Down’s syndrome are very sociable and friendly and can make a delightful company! Sangeeta Khandelwal’s daughter has Down’s syndrome. The paediatrician introduced her to a


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Responsive Child Care in Early Childhood

Mother and Toddler

The first three years of life are amazing! Within one year, a small helpless infant evolves into a toddler who can crawl, sit, walk and run. From dependent new-born to energetic toddlers, capable of speaking assertively, climbing and rummaging the house is quite a feat. The starting point of this development is when a baby


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Going The Organic Way!

Organic Food

Farming in India was always revered, respected and cultivated with awareness towards sustainability of ecology, the planet and future generations. However, today Indian agriculture is in a sorry state. The food available in the market is laden with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or injected with oxytocin to obtain early and abundant produce. Dr Y. L. Nene,


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Welcoming An Adopted Baby Home?

sushmita sen and two daughters

We talked about Adoption as a process in this post. Bringing a little one home is a day to celebrate. It’s a day that marks a new beginning for both parents and the child. When it comes to biological children, family and friends are involved throughout the pregnancy and are present to welcome the baby home.


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Thinking of Adoption – Here is All You Need to Know


Parenting is a joyous journey of nurturing a young one with love and affection. The importance of a family in early years of development for a child is crucial. Adoption provides a loving home to orphans and destitute children. In recent years, the views on adoption have changed drastically in India. Traditionally in India, adoptions were


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Three Must Read Books for the Inner You

Must read books Summer special

Summers are for reading. As I look forward to some lovely hours of drowning into words and worlds, I write my summer reading list. Have you created your reading list? I recommend these three must books I have thoroughly enjoyed. They offer new insights and wisdom every time I read. These books can be read