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Dada’s Useless Present by Nalini Sorensen

Dada's Useless Present ! Book Review

About Dada’s Useless Present Dada’s Useless Present by Nalini Sorensen and illustrated by Allen Shaw is a book for children of ages 4 years and above. The story is about a 82-year old grandfather who gets a seemingly ‘useless present’ for his birthday. The Plot When Dada who celebrates his 82nd birthday gets a present


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The Great River Magic by Nandini Nayar

The Great River Magic

About The Great River Magic: The Great River Magic written by Nandini Nayar is a book for children between ages 9-12. The story is about the great Rajpuri river and a family which depends on the river for its livelihood. The book features illustrations and is a fun read. The Plot The great Rajpuri river flows across


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A Picture Book About Pickles

Pickle Mania by Srividhya Venkat

About Pickle Mania Pickle Mania written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailaja Jain Chougule is book ideal for kids aged 4-9. The story features a small girl called Nitya who is fascinated by pickles. The Plot: Nitya wants to taste the red, spicy lemon pickle that her grandparents eat. However, her paati (grandmother) says that the pickle is too


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How We Learnt To Read!

child reading under tree

Background First some background. A year ago, when the kids were six, we moved from India to the US. I know a lot of Indian kids who’ve moved and are doing really well at school here. But, I was super worried. Because we just didn’t move countries; we were moving from alternate education system to a


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Book Review : Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish Tripathi

scion of ikshvaku

I am someone who is a big fan of Lord Ram; to the extent of being obsessed. So, as soon as I knew that Amish was planning to write on Ram (and in a good way!), I wanted to read the book. However, the excessive publicity kept me at bay. But then, it was Ram


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Book Review: Ananya, A Bittersweet Journey by Shilpa Gupta

ananya book

Ananya, A Bittersweet Journey written by Shilpa Gupta and published by Rupa Publications,  is a work of fiction (classified in the Young Adults category) which deals with a very important issue faced by a generation today – teenage pregnancies. Ananya Sharma is a seventeen year old go-getter who aspires and works hard at getting into


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Book Review: Brown like Dosas, Samosas and Sticky Chikki by Rebecca Manari and Heetal Dattani Joshi


Brown like Dosas, Samosas and Sticky Chikki by Rebecca Manari and Heetal Dattani Joshi Samaira is a little chocolate coloured girl who meets a purple coloured lady called Anahi. Anahi wants to change Samaira into a shade of white. How Samaira responds to her forms the rest of the book. That’s all is the entire book



When in Doubt, Hype It Up! – My Current Parenting Mantra

Parenting Mantra text

A few days ago the daughter was suffering from severe chest congestion and I ask her to take a day off. ‘No Amma. No way I am staying at home. I really need to go to school today.’ ‘Is there something important?’ ‘No. But, how can I miss all the fun at SCHOOL?’ Okay. The point is


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Book review: Princesses are Not Quitters by Kate Lum, Illustrated by Sue Hellard

Princesses are not quitters

I am generally quite wary of Princess books. In fact, we don’t have any other princess books yet in our collection. This book was gifted to us by a dear blogger friend. And, it is an understatement even if say we love it. ‘Princesses are not Quitters’ is a picture book. It is about three


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Product Review – Purple Bee Hands-On Activity Kit & a Giveaway


Purple Bee Hands-On Activity Kit “Sound of Music” Giveaway. Ends June 26! I had received a hands-on activity set from Purple Bee to review. This set is meant for kids from ages 3-7 years. This set consists of four activities. 1. Calendar making with stickers. Things provided – A huge 2014 wall calender and a


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Interesting Find – Funskool Thing a Ding Dings

2014-05-16 10.58.16

This is a toy which has 22 interchangeable parts which enables the kids to make and create new versions of the existing toy. Out of the total parts, there is one red-egg-shaped-part which is the primary part to create newer toys. The end result could be anything ranging from elephant, telephone, clock and so on.