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Lessons from a Toddler in Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Time flies and every day is a new day. My dormant senses have become active. I am curious, explorative, and more important living in the present. It’s never a dull day with her. Children — God’s wonderful and innate creations,  can teach us so much. They are the walking talking Wikipedia. And they can also be


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Sundar Majhi Ladki (My Darling Beautiful) – Emotions of an Adoptive Mother

Mothers Love

My daughter Maira is a child born from my heart. She didn’t grow within me and yet she is so much a part of me. Her breathe, skin and cell is a part of ME. My darling beautiful adopted daughter – Maira, she is ME. One year has gone and it just feels like yesterday when we were doing our couple tête-à-tête, filling out numerous