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Defining TV Criteria: What to Watch and What to Avoid

TV post 2

(originally posted at Television (TV). In most households, this digital cube has become the most popular member of the family. Yes or No – TV is pervasive and almost addictive. Coming home from a stressful day, we switch on the TV and forget about everything else. When friends are over, we feel television is a necessity.


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Encouraging Kids to Speak The Truth


(Originally posted at At some point of time, kids hide things from their elders. As they grow, they start to understand that if they hide things or tell half truth then they can save themselves. But they don’t realize and this becomes their habit. If parents encourage their children to speak the truth from


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Navrasas (Nine Emotions) of Motherhood

Baby Mom holding hands - Navarasas pic

The divine role of motherhood is a gift from God. Bringing a new life into this world is when a woman is re-born. Motherhood is a beautiful journey which we all experience almost every day. It is full of challenges, up and downs, many wonderful and memorable moments that we will cherish forever. It comes


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Batata Vada – perfect for the cold weather

batata vada

 Originally posted at Mothers Gurukul Batata Vada/Aloo Vada is a popular street food from the state of Maharashtra. Crispy from outside and soft from inside, Batata Vada is truly a party pleaser. Whether you want to serve it as an appetizer or as a meal, these tasty dumplings are just the right choice for rainy


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How to Keep Your Toddler Busy?

toddler activities , toddler painting

This post was originally posted at Mothers Gurukul Toddlers and 2 year old kids are the naturally busy people. And they know how to keep you busy with them. Isn’t?  This age is very tricky but at the same time it’s a wonderful phase. My daughter is 6 now. But, I still remember her toddler


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Oak Leaves Watercolor Painting

Main picture

This post was first published on My Little Moppet and later on Mothers Gurukul Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. – by Albert Camus  Autumn/Fall season has begun. Mornings have started getting pleasant. How about taking out the box of colors and brushes & start painting something that will go


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Recipe: Moong Daal Vadas

100_5285- edited

We had little bit of rain last weekend. Samosas, Pakoras are an automatic extension for rain (no matters if it is less..:) They just set the mood to have these snacks. Here is ayummy option – Moong Daal Vadas. Its a perfect side dish and also evening snack served with chutney. I took Moong Daal, since


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Four Ways To Have an Open Conversation..

4 Ways-2

It’s been more than two weeks since schools have started. I am sure kids are happy –having fun with their friends and so are moms..:). When our child enters into a new class, we are always concerned to know about the well-being of our child, how (s)he is adjusting in the class, who are the new


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Let’s make a Headband Holder


If you have a daughter, you would agree with me that at some point of time they want to wear hairband/headband ONLY. And then one after another your drawer start getting filled with her headbands. It gets hard to store them nicely.  If you have a large collection of these decorative headpieces, you definitely need


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Who will be Starting Kindergarten – She or I?

Who will be starting Kindergarten-She or I

(This post was originally posted on Mothers Gurukul) Yesterday was my daughter’s First Day in First Grade. I was going through my old posts on Mothers Gurukul. This one is for all the parents whose kids have entered Kindergarten this year. It’s a different feeling…isn’t? I have experienced it last year. In the following I


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Non-Alcoholic Summer Party Drinks

Strawberry Punch

It’s summer and it is hot outside. Summer heat always calls for some refreshing drinks. We usually have get togethers, potlucks, and gatherings during summer. Apart from deciding on the food part, drinks is another area where we have to think. I always like the taste of fresh fruits when it comes to drinks. Let’s