We gifted R a set of 8 books for Pratham Books for Rs.240…Trust me, 8 super books for Rs.240 is a steal..which is why I am a big fan of Pratham books 🙂

I will try and review one book each week.

For this week, I start with Aunty Jui’s Baby.

Aunty Jui's Baby - Pratham Books

Madhuri Purandare has done both the story and the illustrations. Originally written in Marathi, the book has been translated to English by the Pratham books team.

When I got the book as a set, what I liked the most about the book were the illustrations. They are amazing. Each expression, little nuances have been paid attention to.

The story is about a little girl who, R says, is ‘four years old just like her’ who goes to her Aunty’s house to see a new baby.

What follows is what the book is all about.

Simple story line and effective use of daily happenings in a little girl’s life, from getting up to combing her hair, to running here and there, to wanting to be a big sister. Everything has been captured so well.

Its a book which they have put under reading level 2, which means that the child reading it, should be able to read it by herself. But honestly, R and I enjoyed the book even when I was reading it, mainly because the illustrations are really good and add so much character to the storyline.

Priced at Rs.30, this one is so totally worth it.!

Till next time 🙂

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