Now, I don’t think any parent will undermine the importance of storytelling to their kids.

Storytelling helps in developing early literacy skills, builds vocabulary and language along with familiarizing sounds and words that may not be common in day to day interaction (think trenches and snowball).

Storytelling encourages imagination and creativity in children.

Regular storytelling sessions builds memory along with making little listeners better communicators and problem solvers. It lets them explore and understand emotions. It helps build empathy. So much proven advantages of the age old tradition of storytelling!

Story Talkies

Now young listeners have a chance to listen to the stories read to them by professional storytellers. Thanks to the app ‘STORY TALKIES‘!! Created by a team of storytellers, theater artists and media professionals, the app successfully introduces the ancient art of storytelling to young minds. It brings alive, the timeless classics and evergreen characters. With dramatic narration in Hindi, music and colorful animations it is sure to engage little minds. The tone is conversational and the voices convincingly roleplay.  Yes, it will remind you of the good old childhood you once had, give you all the more reason to introduce it to your child!

Story Talkies has a section of free and paid stories for kids aged 3 to 6 years and for kids above 6 years of age. The stories are tailor-made for each age group when it comes to the simplicity of content and run time. Often, there is also a moral to dwell on in the end and some things to learn especially in the stories targeted at kids aged 3 to 6. You have an option to can explore the free stories and then decide if you want to buy more. A great advantage  is that individual stories can be purchased and one does not need to buy packages.

The app is relatively easy to navigate and is currently only compatible with smartphones.

Making the most of Story Talkies

Caregivers and parents can listen and watch along with the child a story from Story Talkies and then expand the learning process. One can cut out some shapes (or use soft toys and puppets, anything to match the visuals) and put up a show with the app playing in the background. We did this with a couple of 4-year-olds and they loved it!

You can also take turns to mime with your child or act out the story with others.

Playing a  memory game by pausing in between and seeing if the child can remember the next lines or actions is also another fun activity.

Either way get ready to hear a lot of gola golas and bola bolas!!

Caution : Children might as well talk in a dramatic tone for the next few days.

As you take that trip down the memory lane, your child can enjoy the conversations between the sun and the moon. Happy storytelling!

Featured Picture Source: Story Talkies Facebook Page


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