This is a book I picked up from R’s school on the day of her open house. I was surprised to see Pratham books there honestly. and even more surprising was in the half an hour I spent there, I was the ONLY parent who bought story books 🙁

There was a huge crowd of all pre-primary parents assembled there and no one got a story book. Most people when for practice writing, 100 facts in 10 days, how to better your handwriting..etc etc 🙁

Is story book reading history in India or something?

Anyways, I picked up this book written by Noni (Rohini Nelikani) and Illustrated by Angie and Upesh

It’s a wonderful book of an interesting character whose goes by the name of Sringeri Srinivas. R and I love the name and always keep saying it. I love the way it rolls on your tongue 🙂

The book talks about how Sringeri Srinivas needs to get his hair cut on his annual haircut day.

Who all he goes to and finally how his hair gets cut forms the gist of the story.

A story which R and I love reading every other day.

The illustrations are fabulous especially towards the end of the book. I must admit, the first time we turned the page, R got super scared 🙂 very realistic.

And we loved the simple story, the lovely way the name ‘Sringeri Srinivas’ has been repeated in almost every page, (It made the reading so much fun!) and the super duper ending of the book.

Much Recommended 🙂

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