A Village is a Busy Place is a stunning new activity book from Tara Books. The illustrations are in the Bengal style of Patua scroll painting and depicts life in a village of the Santhal people, one of India’s largest indigenous communities.

Patua scroll paintings have stories that unfold while the chitrakar sings the story. This book painted by Romila Chitrakar in bright colors is accompanied by text that describes the village and encourages the child to look in the pictures to find what the book describes. Kind of an I-Spy game but with colorful folk art!

The book is also in scroll format and rolls open. We love the quirky ways in which Tara books explores book structures like Knock! Knock! from last year.

What We loved

What I loved about the book was the bright colors which a toddler/ preschooler is bound to love. I would hang the book up on my wall if I could!

The opportunity to peek deeply into Patua art is great for the adults reading the book!

Don’t miss the chance to introduce your child to the beautiful world of folk art. An activity book is a great place to start.


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