Dear Amoxicillin,

Hope all is well at your end.  I am a mother to a usually sweet little three-year old boy who is down with Strep throat. He threw up the whole of last night and we are both at our wits’ end. Now, if I could just somehow get him to keep his antibiotics — by which I mean you, dear sir — down, I would be grateful.

You seem to have a host of fans for your delightful bubble-gum flavor. But not my son. No, sir. He runs round and round the house screaming at the top of his lungs at the mere sight of your container. Where he finds the energy to do that, with a fever of 102F, I have no idea. I have tried disguising your flavor with chocolate syrup, juice, yogurt and the likes. Tried distracting him with the Callious and Peppa Pigs of the world. Shamelessly bribed him with toys, his favorite candies as rewards. I have begged, cajoled and threatened him. Nothing works. When he suspects the slightest tinge of your lovely flavor he spits everything out all across my face.

Apparently, you come pre-packaged with this flavor, and thousands of children take it without complaint — the CVS pharmacist told me so, whom I called to check to see if I can change the flavor, or even better, get it without a flavor. Why? Why would you cause me such trouble. Please, please consider coming flavorless, so I can decide what flavor I can add. Or maybe, come as multi flavored popsicle, a mini one perhaps. Or a yogurt mixed pudding, a chocolate flavored mix?


Tired mom

P.S. – Sorry if I was rude, I am just tired of cleaning up vomit and sticky antibiotic liquid all over, everywhere. You still rock, because I know you will cure my kid.

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