A fascinating adventure unfolds in Mumbai’s azure skies.

Book Blurb

A Mumbai flamingo goes missing.

The city is home to beautiful rose-coloured flamingos that feed in its creeks and mudflats.

But when one among them, Sunglow, disappears, the skybird Longtail is called in to investigate.

Rumour has it that the seagulls and the crows are behind the bird-napping, and Longtail zeroes in on two possible suspects—Skull, the brash seagull, and S-Crow, the tough and ruthless leader of the crows.

But is the brave skybird a match for them? Can he find his missing friend before sundown or risk losing him forever?

Return to the ledges of the fountain in the Rose Garden to read about the enthralling capers of your favourite feathered friends and bird-squirrel as they swap stories of daring and wonder.


Do you have a little ardent admirer of birds? Do you hear squeals of joy on spotting a sparrow? Does you little one love feeding pigeons and delight in watching birds? Then here is a book that might just make a perfect Christmas gift for him or her. A Flamingo In My Garden by Deepak Dalal takes imagination to the next level in a bird world. Let me give you a glimpse of this story.

It’s story time at the Rose Garden.  Here the wagtail, the bulbul, the magpie-robin, the bee-eater, the sunbird, the doves have all come alive and tonight they have guest -A Flamingo. Longtail, a wagtail is back from a big brave adventure. Everybody is looking forward to hear it all. No detail is unimportant.

This beautifully illustrated book does a brilliant job of bringing alive the bird kingdom. Crows, pigeons, owls, gulls, birds of every size and colour. The narration is simple and conversational. The descriptions are elaborate and picturesque. The story is entertaining. There is an element of quest and suspense that holds the attention till the end.

Apart from building imagination in kids, the book does teach them to recognize different bird species and behaviour. It draws attention to some obvious facts and bird behaviours like some birds like pigeons live among humans, some birds are always in flocks and that some are nocturnal.

The book also serves as a great source of introducing various virtues to children. The characters convincingly demonstrate several values, sure to inspire the reader. The book particularly explores the virtues of bravery, courage and determination and values of friendship and trust. It teaches children not to stereotype and give everything and everyone a fair chance before forming any judgements. (S-Crow says not all crows are black. Some of us are different inside, not like the rest of us). Another quality the book highlights is smartness and that being smart can sometimes make up for lack of strength. (Longtail demonstrates when confronting the crows in the story)

Overall the story makes for a great read and would be a great addition to any book shelf. Children may reach out to it again and again and might as well enjoy making up conversation between the crows and pigeons, next time they spot them.

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