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I stand at the window pane, looking at my son playing outdoors while there is a light drizzle plastering his hair to his head. He is jumping rope and laughing, happy and excited. This is one sight I would have never imagined till about three months ago when I began a journey towards better nutrition with my fussy eater. I took up the #90DaysWithPediaSure challenge and I am back with the 90-day update of my experience so far.

Before I started this journey, I had once used PediaSure as just another health drink not unlike any other brand I can easily get off-the-shelf. I had no idea about the long term benefits that the wonderful supplement can offer my child. However, during these past 3 months, my perception has changed immensely.

90-Day Observations

Let me start off by talking about the positive changes I have noticed in the last 90 days as regards to my child’s growth and development. Some of the changes were expected, however, there were some changes that surprised me quite PLEASANTLY:

My son had a problem with wheezing and he was constantly missing school every change of weather or during the monsoon. After #90DaysWithPediaSure this has changed dramatically. These days, he is able to play outdoors and frolic in the rain. It seems that his nearly lost childhood is restored. He hardly has had one episode of wheezing like he used to have around three months ago and I give the credit to PediaSure.

He was a child who was scared of the mere mention of an ice-cream as that would trigger an attack and just yesterday, I found him with his head stuck in the fridge spooning ice-cream into his mouth! And touch wood, he is absolutely fine. His immunity has become much stronger and it seems that he is no longer at risk from the debilitating attacks as before.

I am so thankful to my eventful #90DaysWithPediaSure journey; my son grew a whopping 3-inches in as many days. I highly recommend the protein rich supplement which has not only helped my child in gaining an inch in height but has also helped in keeping him infection and allergy free.

Long Story Short

After the 90-day period with PediaSure, It is a different child I see today, frolicking in the rain as compared to the one who used to press his nose to the window, looking out longingly at his friends playing in the garden. I am happy to share that milk-time no longer involves a battle cry in my house and PediaSure is working out great for my picky eater. While his eating choices still remain borderline fussy, now I remain a lot less worried as PediaSure is effectively and continually bridging the nutritional gap.

PediaSure gave my child his childhood back. I hope to see him grow and bloom with time. The only downside? He can’t bunk school anymore!

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