Whether you’re a new mom or a mother of two, there is one thing you always need: a diaper bag to carry all of your baby’s essentials when you’re out and about with your little one.

Baby Diaper Bag

While diaper changes away from the home are daunting, you can reduce stress if you have the right diaper bag. If you’re wondering what to look for in perfect diaper bag is, here are factors to consider,


There are three main types of baby diaper bags, backpack, messenger, and tote.

A tote diaper bag is pretty much like an oversized handbag with extra pockets for accessories. On the other hand, messenger style bags are generally slimmer than totes and are often designed with dads in mind. They feature an adjustable long strap that hangs over the shoulder. A backpack diaper bag is perfect for baby-wearing parents who want to keep their hands free to look after their baby.

Choose the one that fits your needs the best!

Storage Space

A good diaper bag is the one that has ample space to accommodate all your baby’s essentials as well as some of your own items. In addition to diapers, there are several essential things you have to take along with you, like baby wipes, a nursing cover, clothes, favorite toys and more. Depending on what you want to carry, pick a diaper bag that is flexible and roomy enough to house all of the baby’s necessities on-the-go.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

As you’ll be carrying this bag every time you step out of the house with your little one, make sure it is not too heavy. Apart from being lightweight, the baby diaper bag you’re buying must have wide padded straps made of a soft material. This will save your shoulders from aches and pain during shopping or travelling. Generally, messenger and backpack style bags provide you with comfort as the weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders and back.


This is the most important but probably the most overlooked feature in a baby diaper bag. While diaper bags are available in a wide range of materials, it’s worth considering what material or fabric is used inside and out of the bag. Is the material machine washable? Can you have to wipe down an accidental spill or leak? Is the material durable and stain-resistant? Find answers to all these questions before you go ahead to purchase a baby diaper bag!

Plenty of Pockets/Compartments

In order to neatly organize all your baby essentials, it’s necessary that your diaper bag has plenty of well-designed separate pockets – both inside and outside. Inside pockets are great for things like pacifier, spoon, and rattles. Outer pockets are very convenient for storing your own frequently used items like keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.

A diaper bag that offers dedicated compartments not only keeps you organized, but also make it easy to find whatever you need without any hassle on-the-go.

Insulated Side Pockets

Look for a baby diaper bag that has insulated side pockets to hold your baby’s bottles and sippy cups. This will not only help you regulate the temperature of the food, but also will provide you easy and quick access when needed. Ideally, the diaper bag should have double insulated pockets.

A Changing Pad

Buy a baby diaper bag that is equipped with a foldable changing pad. Providing a barrier between the flat surface and your baby, a changing pad makes the diaper changing process a breeze. Make sure the changing pad is a little bit padded, not too small and can be wiped clean easily. Alternatively, if your chosen diaper bag doesn’t include a changing pad, consider buying a separate one. However, keep in mind that a separate changing pad may take up a  space in your diaper bag.


Finally, make a purchase decision based on your budget. High-quality doesn’t always mean expensive, look out for a reasonably priced bag that perfectly caters to your needs. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a diaper bag that balances functionality with quality. But if the price is not a determining factor for you, purchase a premium quality designer diaper bag. Whichever diaper bag you buy, never sacrifice the quality and functionality for your budget.

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